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What are your thoughts on 2k11? Can anyone score 80-100 points in 4 normal 5 min quarters? Should I adjust the game speed from 50 to 90 or 100 or lengthen each quarter to 8 mins?

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The scoring is much more

The scoring is much more realistic than last year. I've already played quite a few games on all-star with 8-minute quarters, and my highest scoring total was 107; and in order to do that, I had to make a ton of threes with John Paxson and Craig Hodges.

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the most ive scored in

the most ive scored in regulation was 77 with okc in 8min quarters on all star at 65 game speed. so i doubt the 5 min quarters are going to work for realistic scoring numbers.

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nice post

nice post

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I play on hall of fame 7mins

I play on hall of fame 7mins and most are my games are in the 70s or 80s I try to aim for 20pts a quarter

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I just hit a Game Winner today with Joe Johnson against my boy he had Miami Joe went 7 for 10 from 3. I love the fact that its not as easy on offense this year you actually gotta work get to the line, take mid range shots and defend I LOVE IT

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I love this game. I love the

I love this game. I love the my player mode although I don't agree with sometimes what they consider an assist. I have fun creating more either a PG or SF. I had a 6'11" SF named Alan Jones only to have the file on my 360 not load anymore talk about frustrating. I was ballin with him too. I had one game I had 25 points with him off the bench. Having John Wall really helps me too. If i do want a trade though I'm leaning towards wanting to either go and try and ball with Blake Griffin on the Clippers or help out one of two underdog teams Minnesota or Toronto.

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This game rocks

This game rocks! The my player mode is very realistic. to reply first post, what i do is just put 12 minutes a game, even if it takes 1 hour, it's very cool. Once, i scored 107 points with a guard with miami heat. I just play at speed 50, and i can score like 70 points in a 5 minutes quarter.

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The Lakers are at $31.6

The Lakers are at $31.6 million followed by three additional teams with eight-figure tax looming: the Miami HEAT, Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks. The Memphis Grizzlies, Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics are all moderate tax payers as well.

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