nation's leading scorer

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nation's leading scorer

what are erick green's chances of making it to the nba? he is doing something right being the nation's leading scorer. do you see him as an undersized 2 or a player who can play both guard positions?

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If he doesn't learn to

If he doesn't learn to distribute the ball better & make plays for his teammates then he will be a POOR MANS Monta.....& you don't wanna be that.

If he does learn how to play the PG position better he could be a pretty good player in the league. The way the PG position has been going in the NBA he would fit right in at 6'3" & a scorers mentality.

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I have never seen him play,

I have never seen him play, but looking at his stats he is playing very efficiant. He is shoot 49% and 37% from three which is decent. I think that by going by his stats and being in a quality conference he should be able to stick in the NBA as a scorer off the bench.

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