Myck Kabongo

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Myck Kabongo

In his first game back from his 23-game suspension, Myck Kabongo has 13 points, 7 assists, and 4 rebounds as Texas beat Iowa St. 89-86 in 2OT. Kabongo fouled out in the first overtime, but he definitely had a big impact on this game. If he continues to play well I believe he is a late-first rounder, Texas was lacking a true point guard this whole season.

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I would love to see Kabongo play well and work his way up in the draft. The kid has a lot of potential and is really fun to watch. It would really suck to see him fall so far because of a dumb suspension, I hate the way the NCAA treats its athletes.

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He should've never left the

He should've never left the first round despite his suspension. It's not like his talent was suspended too.
He's still super quick with long arms and good intangibles. IMO the only reason why he'd be out of the first round is if he didn't declare.

He played pretty well from what I saw. Looks bigger than last yr for sure without losing any quickness at all. He constantly put pressure on the D and got in the lane for drive and kicks. He was out of control on a couple of drives but I wouldn't wanna take that aggressiveness away.

It was just one game but I didn't like the look of his jumper. I was hoping to see a little better form this yr. He still has that John Wall type shot with the slow-ish set up then he just flicks it, cutting off his follow through. He'll never be an average shooter from deep with that form.

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He should maybe stay one more

He should maybe stay one more year. But if he plays well enough to get himself drafted in the 1st round and get that guaranteed money, hey, who am I to say stay in school.

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