My turn

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My turn

My Turn to throw out some trades that will probably get negs
First off we got as direct swap between the Griz and Celtics with Rudy Gay for Paul Pierce
The celtics get a better younger guy that can run the court with Rondo next year
The Griz get a guy that can help spread the court for the big men and he has one less year on his contract then Rudy Gay

Next up is Garnett going to the Bucks lol it may sound crazy but the Celtics get Samuel Dalemberts expiring contract and John Henson
The Celtics get to free up cap space and get a young John Henson to develop
The Bucks get the big ticket in Milwaukee and can control the paint while B-Jennings and Montana Ellis get Buckets

These are mainly for the celtics rebuilding so neg all you want but I just want to hear some opinions on these trades

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Grizz would never do it.

Grizz would never do it. Bucks are begging for it.

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Rudy Gay

Has a deal he is not worth. I think the Celtics would not want his contract.

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I really do believe that the

I really do believe that the possible moves are at a much less extreme level. When thinking about additions, it is probably closer to Delonte West, Gilbert Arenas, Scott Machado (recently waived), Jeremy Pargo (recently waived), one of the Kings PGs (probably Brooks or Jimmer), Eric Maynor, or Patty Mills.

They already have $38 million wrapped up in Rondo, Green, Bass, Lee, Sullinger, and Melo for 2014-15, plus whatever they give Avery Bradley (assuming he doesn't play for the $3.6M QO). Even if they get Garnett and Terry off the books, they have committed rather heavily to a group with which to surround Rondo going forward. Do Boston fans want those guys to spend the next year or so like the Magic (trying admirably but not good), or let Garnett, Pierce, and Terry stick around and lead the young supporting cast sans Rondo.

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Did you just say that Gay was

Did you just say that Gay was better then Pierce?

And I'm pretty sure that Garnetts trade value is much higher then Jon Henson man.

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