My mock draft

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My mock draft

1. LAC: Blake Griffen- I am about 95% sure they do the safe thing and stick with Griffen.
2. MEM: Hasheem Thabeet- I think Rubio does not want to go there. They want Thabeet, and they know they cant take Rubio and trade him for Thabeet because OKC likes Thabeet too. So they stay and take Hasheem.
3. OKC: Ricky Rubio- Traded to Sacramento for James Harden, Kenny Thomas and #23.
4. SAC: James Harden- Traded to Okc for Ricky Rubio
5. WAS: Jordan Hill- They want Harden, but if he isn't here I think Hill is the clear choice.
6. MIN: Demar DeRozan- Add an athletic wing to replace the bust Corey Brewer and give them a potential star.
7. GSW: Brandon Jennings- Lets them move Monta over to the 2 and have a young, exciting guy.
8. NYM: Steph Curry- The clear pick for this team.
9. TOR: Earl Clark- Gives them a ton of depth in the 4-5 and Bosh's potential replacement.
10. MIL: Ty Lawson- I think they know Sessions is not resigning there.
11. NJN: Tyreke Evans
12. CHA: Gerald Henderson
13. IND: J'rue Holiday
14. PHO: Johnny Flynn
15: DET: Chase Budinger
16. CHI: Terrence Williams
17. PHI: Eric Maynor
18. MIN: Wayne Ellington
19. ATL: Jeff Teague
20. UTA: BJ Mullens
21. NO: Dejaun Blair
22. DAL: Patty Mills
23. SAC: Gani Lawal
24. POR: Nick Calathes
25. OKC: Tyler Hansbrough
26. CHI: Sam Young
27. MEM: Omri Cassipi
28. MIN: Taj Gibson
29. LAL: Darren Collison
30. CLE: Dajaun Summers

What do you think?

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very interesting

nice touch with the trades

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Oh wow

I just realized I traded away Sacramento's #23 pick and still had them picking there. I think okc would also look at Lawal at #23 to add some depth to their bigs rotation.

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I like your mock but 2

I like your mock but 2 question/concerns

-Why would Sacramento give up that 23 pick instead of myabe Garcia or Hawes?

-Why do u think Lawson is better than Flynn or Hoilday?


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earl clark

eark clark is a 3/4 no a 4/5, he cood play the 5 but probly only if the teem is gonna play small ball

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how is that you don't have

how is that you don't have James Johnson at all in the draft?

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Q haynes

1. Hawes and Garcia are proven players. If its up to Sacramento they'd rather hold onto the proven guys instead of the draft pick which could turn out to be a bust. The kings need as many solid players as they can get. But I think if OKC said they would only agree to it if Garcia or Hawes was included, the Kings would probably fold because they seem pretty desperate for Rubio.

2. Its not necessarily that I think he is a better player (though I do think he is a better player than Holiday), its what I think Milwaukee is looking for. Lawson would be the perfect replacement for Sessions as they both play with a ton of speed. Plus he provides something that I think that team is seriously lacking: a leader and a proven winner.

And I completely forgot about Johnson. My mistake.

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