My Mock draft 2013

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My Mock draft 2013


let me know what do you think :)

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Some questionable picks but it could be worse...

Are you really gonna make the same mistake as NBAdraft and leave Russ Smith out... In this very weak draft 30% of the players drafted in the first round won't stick in the league. There are just too many average players with average skills that won't cut it after 2-3 years in the league. Russ Smith can easily become a sparkplug of the bench who can score in bunches. He has a major winning mentality that I haven't seen in college since Kemba Walker. So put him in, reshuffle some and you will be alright. Noel was a monster but after his injury some teams might be hesitant to pick him. The Bobcats were looking to deal Gerald Henderson in january so expect them to grab Ben McLemore as he is easily one of the best players available this year.

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Plumlee will be long gone

Plumlee will be long gone before 29.

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Disagree with Bazz going

Disagree with Bazz going before Porter and Burke, but anything can happen I guess. Also, I highly doubt Saric is going to slip to the second round.

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