My Mock Draft

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My Mock Draft

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Not bad...

I think Babbitt will go higher. Pretty solid. Detroit is a mystery at number 7. I hear they want to go big, and assuming Monroe and Cousins are already gone, there looking at guys like Davis, Aldrich, Udoh, Patterson, and Whiteside. It's very difficult to read what they might do.

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Ed Davis

I think he is a big reach at 7. Most of his points were hustle plays, grabbing boards and running the floor. He doesn't like he has a real high skill level. His post offense is poor. He has good physical tools, but I don't think he will be nearly as good as Udoh or Patterson. Udoh can score in the mid range better than any other pf in this draft. His skill level is much higher than Davis's, and he has similar physical tools. I think there will be many better players available for Detroit to take.

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