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Here is my mock. What do you think. This draft will change before the actual draft, depending on your comments, and any rumors or updates I may receive from ESPN, and this site. Click on "view draft with comments" This will explain some of the picks including trades.

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Why would the T Wolfs pick 3 PG's

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What are the kings going to

What are the kings going to do with harden? they have Kmart and have a huge hole at PG so drafting harden makes no sense. he is the best available but they need a PG. Twolves wont draft so many PGs. and there is possible way JRue holiday falls to 19

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Did you not see the comments

Did Tyrober and Tha King 2121 not see the comments I made. I have some trades happening. That will explain a lot of the picks

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dude nice

i'm liking it. rubio at 2, i didn't read the comments, but do you think he's gonna be traded? where to if so? at 3, if thabeet and harden are available, okc is at a major cross road. i think some of the decisions teams will make will be based off whether rubio's at 2 or not.

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this mock is really good.

this mock is really good. Harden is my second favorite guy in this draft and I would love to get him. What else would the grizzlies get in the trade?

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Nice Mock not bad. Check

Nice Mock not bad.

Check mines out : World Greatest Mock 2.0

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