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Lottery balls go our way and we get the first pick in the draft.

*Trade: Rights to Ricky Rubio and Wayne Ellington to Los Angeles Clippers for our 1st round pick back, the Clippers first round pick next season and Eric Bledsoe.

2011 Draft

#1) PG Kyrie Irving 6-2 180 Duke
The one thing that stands out to me about Kyrie is his leadership. I love his ability to make those around him better. If he is not the pick than David Kahn should be out of a job next season.

*Trade: Eric Bledsoe and Memphis pick to Utah for the 12th pick and Raja Bell.
#12) C Bismack Biyambo 6-9 243 Congo

He is a great shot blocker who runs the floor great. Age concerns with make him fall a bit but I still think he will be in the lottery.

Next Season Depth Chart
PG- Kyrie Irving /Luke Ridnour /Jonny Flynn
SG- Wesley Johnson/Raja Bell
SF- Michael Beasley/Martell Webster/ Lazar Hayward
PF- Kevin Love/ Anthony Randolph
C- Anthony Tolliver/Darko Milicic/Nikola Pekovic/ Bismack Biyambo

2011-2012 Season
Minnesota ends the season with 24 wins and 58 losses.
Kevin Love is an All-Star once again with another 20ppg 15reb season. Kyrie Irving shows great promise averaging 14ppg and 7apg. Michael Beasley stays the same pretty much with a 20ppg season. Anthony Randolph gets more minutes at center proves he can start with Kevin Love.

2012 Draft
Lottery picks: #3 and #11 from the Clippers
#3) SG Austin Rivers 6-4 200 Duke
#11) SF Michael Gilchrist 6-6 216 Kentucky

2012-2013 Depth Chart
PG- Kyrie Irving /Luke Ridnour /Jonny Flynn
SG- Austin Rivers/Wesley Johnson/Raja Bell
SF- Michael Beasley/Michael Gilchrist/Martell Webster/ Lazar Hayward
PF- Kevin Love/ Anthony Tolliver/ Bismack Biyambo
C- Anthony Randolph/Darko Milicic/Nikola Pekovic

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Get ready for negatives.

Get ready for negatives.

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Thats too farfetched

Thats too farfetched

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yeah this will never happen.

yeah this will never happen. But on ESPN they are saying with are top pick we can go with Bismack if we think Rubio is coming for sure . And if he doesnt then well we gonna keep Flynn for another year. so he can redeem himself.

But i really think we should go for Bismack and then trade for some 2nd round picks lol.

like trade Nekio Polivic, or Lazar Haywood or sebastian telfair

lineuP : 1.Ricky Rubio. 2. wesly johnson. 3. micheal beasly. 4. kevin love. 5. Darko Milic

core bench: 1. Johnn flynn, 2.MARTELL webster. 3. Bismack Biyombo 4. ANTHONY RANDOLF , 5. (2nd round pick)

david kahn keep up the good work

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