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If I was Kahn this is what I would do….

#4 DeMarcus Cousins 6-11 280 C
I’m willing to go through the growing pains with him because I know he has untapped potential. I love Turner but I know there will be more like him in the future. DeMarcus is one of those players that doesnt really remind me of anyone. I like the way he runs the floor and his size also. Great scorer, should be fun to watch him and Rubio.

#16 Paul George 6-8 210 SF
He runs the floor great and can slam it home. He is rising fast so he may go before this pick.

#23 Dominique Jones 6-4 215 SG
He is out to prove he is worth a late first round grade, I really like this kid.


We have a lot of pieces (Flynn/Sessions, Brewer, Gomes, Jefferson/Love, Hollins) so we can move up to get Harrison Barnes or Perry Jones next year. If Rubio comes nexts year we have the pieces to win and win now! But I think it all starts with drafting DeMarcus Cousins because he’s one of those players who are once in a life time type of guys.

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I dont know that Paul George

I dont know that Paul George will be available at 16. I think New Orleans will take him 5 spots higher.

Good picks though.

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If he is gone i'd like to see

If he is gone i'd like to see James Anderson or Larry Sanders at 16

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