My Lakers :-(

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My Lakers :-(

We are in a tuff situation at this moment.

We have a franchise player who is HOF balling but approaching his mid 30s.

We have a franchise player who is All Star balling and barely entering his mid 20s.

Even with both of these dudes, we have not moved past the 2nd round the past 2 years.

So, in the summer of 2012, who do you ride with?!?

Do we make a push to build around Kobe and embrace his last 2-3 years or do we push to build around Bynum?!? Embracing Kobes last 2 years can best be done by moving Bynum. Building around Bynum can best be done by moving Pau. If we move Pau for young dudes, we are "rebuilding" and 100% not embracing Kobes last few years.

I say we embrace Kobe and pull a Boston by bringing in some old heads to run with him.


Sign and trade for Nash and Gortat in exchange for Bynum, McRoberts (soon to have his contract expire) Goudelock and a draft pick. The pick wont be high and Goudelock isnt a top prospect by anymeans BUT the Suns get Bynum to build around and the Lakers get a PG plus a big so Pau wont be left alone down low. This will also allow Sessions to move back to being a back up which appeartenly is where he is most comfortable. Or, he could go in the trade also. Let us conversate, I am not saying "this is my final statment" by any means.

One knock I have for the PHX trade is I believe Nash's career has been extended due to their great training staff. LAL may not be able to match that. Scary thought!!!

Moving on:

What about Bynum to Utah for something based around Jefferson or Millsap?!? Maybe get Burks in the trade also. Millsap is kind of the anti-Pau. He's not long and it's never pretty with him but he'll beat you up in pursuit of a double - double.

I hate to trade all star/franchise players within your conference but I think I wouldn't mind the push.

Let's conversate.

Do you agree with my Boston inspired idea of "going old?!?" Should the Lakers keep their big 3 of Kobe, Pau and Bynum together?!? Holla.

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When Dwight Howard and Kobe

When Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant finally emerged from the Los Angeles Lakers' locker room late in the first quarter, they got a standing ovation just for walking to their seats.

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