My 700th Post!!!

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My 700th Post!!!

If you were Myck Kabongo and at the end of the season your draft stock is late-first round it would be almost stupid to stay another year after what the NCAA did to you right?

Is Deshaun Thomas a potential late-first round pick if Ohio St. has a deep tournament run? This site has him as the first pick in the second round currently.

Last but not least, will C.J. McCollum coming off his foot injury be a lottery pick in the draft this year? Is it almost better for him not playing this year keeping a steady draft stock at the 12-17 range instead of playing and possibly have his draft stock slip?

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CJ McCollum's stock I could

CJ McCollum's stock I could see rising or falling dramatically in the weeks running up to the draft, there will be teams that really want him, and teams that don't want him at all, it will be interesting to watch. I don't see a late run for Ohio St helping Deshaun Thomas' stock unless he really goes off, he's proven that he can score and hit jumpers in college that hasn't been questioned, a late season run won't make him taller or improve his handles. In fact I thnk if Thomas goes cold at the end of the year, or even miss a key jumper here and there, it could really hurt him..

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This draft is weak

if the option is to come out this year or wait and declare in next year's loaded draft, then EVERYONE who has a chance to leave should leave.

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