My 2009 lottery

1) LA Clippers- Blake Griffin

2) Memphis- Hasheem Thabeet

3) Oklahoma City- James Harden

4) Sacramento- Ricky Rubio

5) Washington- Stephen Curry

6) Minnesota- Tyreke Evans

7) Golden St.- Brandon Jennings

8) New York- Jordan Hill

9) Toronto- Earl Clark

10) Milwaukee- Jonny Flynn

11) New Jersey- Tyler Hansbrough

12) Charlotte- Gerald Henderson .

13) Indiana- DeMar DeRozan

14) Phoenix- James Johnson

Does anybody else see DeRozan falling? Look what happen to gerald green on draft day and they compared him to T-mac out of highschool and we all kno how dat turned out "BUSS"

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Good lottery

I agree with you for the most part except I don't see the Knicks passing on Jrue Holiday(why is he out of the lottery anyway?) He fills a need and I heard that the Knicks booked him at this pick. I do not think Demar Derozan will slip, he would perfectly with the Raptors. Jennings will fall to probably 13 and the Warriors will not pass on Hill slipping to them which would make Monta Ellis very happy. Other than that I agree with you completly

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I agree with Jrue Holiday he

I agree with Jrue Holiday he could go anywhere from 7 to 18 maybe even higher this is really a (toss-up draft) but when it comes to DeRozan im not really sold on him it really depends on where he's selected i like the raptors, twolves and pacers for him. Staying with the raptors Marion or bosh could be leaving mayb even both but most likely marion and if thats the case i rather build my team around Earl Clark.I dont really think golden state will take Hill because they like to have as many small players on the court as possible so their able to run and Jennings is the perfect selection for coach nelly and Monta is more of a 2G but i can really see Jennings going higher because the kings are going to select a PG but if Rubio goes off the board to memphis i have 3 other guys in mind Jennings and Holiday are two of the three and the third is curry because his stock has really soaring since pre- draft camp workouts

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Not bad. I cannot see

Not bad. I cannot see Holiday out the Lottery. He's 2nd on the bucks board...

check out my mock and give feedback

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Interesting comments
Harden won't last till 5, OKC will take him, can't see Knicks drafting Holiday over Derozan at 8.
The rest is pretty much right on.

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