My 1st round Mock

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My 1st round Mock

1 LAC. Blake Griffin PF So.
By far best player in draft
2 MEM. Hasheem Thabeet C Jr.
Memphis seems to like him for some reason.. i think he will be the next Saer Sene IMO total Bust
3 OKC. James Harden SG So.
He would be a perfect fit with Durant Green and Westbrook... will help right away
4 SAC. Ricky Rubio PG Intl.
This would work out for both Rubio and Sacramento.. He's in a big city, while they get a pg of the future
5 WAS. Jordan Hill PF Jr.
I'm really shakey on this one but he's the next best player
6 MIN. DeMar DeRozan SG Fr.
Would fit perfectly to fill the spot for the bust of Brewer
7 GS. Brandon Jennings PG Intl.
I would like to see him with Nelson's style.. him along with Ellis and Crawford.. scary backcourt
8 NY. Stephen Curry PG/SG Jr.
Everyone knows if he's still on the board, NY is going to take 2 seconds to draft him
9 TOR. Gerald Henderson SG/SF Jr.
Either him or Budinger goes here..
10 MIL. Jeff Teague PG So.
A lot of rumors for him going here, so i followed them
11 NJ. Tyreke Evans SG Fr.
Another good pg falling to 11, just like Bayless last year
12 CHA. Chase Budinger SG/SF Jr.
Again him or Henderson go to the 9 and 12 spot imo..
13 IND. DeJuan Blair PF So.
Him and Hibbert in the frontcourt would be a really scary front line... wow
14 PHO. Jonny Flynn PG So.
They need a good young pg for Nash to mentor
15 DET. BJ Mullens C Fr.
They need a big man
16 CHI. Earl Clark SF Jr.
Gut feeling here, even though it doesn't seem like a good fit
17 PHI. Eric Maynor PG Sr.
I think he would fit well filling in for Miller
18 MIN. Jrue Holiday PG/SG Fr.
Another combo guard, but I think he will actually end up being a pg unlike Foye
19 ATL. Taj Gibson PF Jr.
They don't really have a good PF since Hortford will be playing Center
20 UTA. Austin Daye SF So.
They promised him top 20.. so there we go.. 20th
21 NO. Terrence Williams SG/SF Sr.
Followed other mocks for this one
22 DAL. Tyler Hansbrough PF Sr.
Dirk is too soft, so Hansbrough will bring toughness at the 4 spot
23 SAC. Omri Casspi SF Intl.
Haven't seen him play, but analysts say that he's good
24 POR. James Johnson SF So.
I think they will trade this pick but i think it would be a good fit. Big sized small forward
25 OKC. Wayne Ellington SG Jr.
OKC needs 3 point shooting.. but this is improbable... he probably will go earlier..
26 CHI. Sam Young SF Sr.
I think they will trade this pick... but he's the "next best player"
27 MEM. Ty Lawson PG Jr.
Lawson backing up conley would be good
28 MIN. Jeff Pendergraph PF Sr.
Most underrated player in the draft
29 LAL. Josh Shipp SG Sr.
I think they will trade this pick since they are gonna have a great team
30 CLE. Dionte Christmas SG Sr.
They need a SG. He's big and athletic and I like the way he plays

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i cant see Pendergraph going

i cant see Pendergraph going in the First, i dont know if Shipp will be drafted at all so this is very high for him, and Gibson is also high. Then you have Flynn who seems to have locked up the top 7 on almost all boards at 14, and James Johnson Probley wont fall to 24 he should be at least top 20. but this is an interesting mock id like more explaination on some of the picks if you could(Gibson,Pendergraph,Shipp)

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Thabeet a bust?

Thabeet would surely not be the like of Sene for God's sake. This guy is already solid defensively with just a few years to developed offensive moves in the post he could surely become a Good player in this league. And I would like him to go to OKC, cause the teams need someone to play in the middle and with his defensive abilty he could perfectly compliment the team without scoring (like what J.Pryzbilla do in POR) and who knows with this young nucleus, they may have a solid playoff team for years to come if not championship contender one.

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