Most INteresting Prospects

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Most INteresting Prospects

Who do you like watching the most from this class & why?

I love watching Kyle Anderson, Michael Carter Williams, Nerlens Noel....

Anderson's game is different from anybody in college in recent years. It's so unorthodox. I think he has the potential to become a very special player in the NBA..he reminds me a little of Magic..Best passer in college. He gets guys open.

MCW is another big guard who has great court vision.

Noel is a specimen. As good a defender as Anthony Davis was last year, I think Noel is better on that side of the ball. He displays quick hands & feet, he looks surprisingly natural when he switches onto guards in the pick & roll. He's a decent passer for a big man as well.

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Noel is not as good of a

Noel is not as good of a defender as Anthony Davis was last yr, but he has the potential to be better. Fundamentally, in terms of awareness and staying disciplined he's not where AD was last yr. Noel plays the type of defense that shows up in basic stat sheets, but if you look harder it's not nearly impressive.

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I like how you said Kyle

I like how you said Kyle Anderson's game is much different from anyone else in college then you listed someone with almost the exact skill set

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Noel Goodwin McCollum Porter

Noel: Big time defensive stopper
Goodwin: wade-like
McCollum: Best scorer in cbb
Porter: do it all winner
Smart: ^"..............."^

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as far as the best scorer in

as far as the best scorer in cbb id give it to erick green from vtech

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Marcus Smart

Marcus Smart has by far been the most exciting player to watch for me so far. Everything that was said about this guy is true, he absolutely controls the game and makes everyone around him better. Also saw Brandon Paul play last night for the first time and he destroyed Gonzaga, great to watch.

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Isaiah Austin...So

Isaiah Austin...So intriguing!

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Noel... not sold

Great weak side shotblocker, leaves a lot to be desired man to man in the post. On offense I have been really suprised by his hands. He has trouble cathcing a lot of balls cleanly, sort of a must for any big in the NBA. To be determined, I say. I like Carter-Williams, but I am always partial to big PGs. I'm liking Ben McLemore the more and more I see him. Great athlete, good teammate, and a nice looking albeit inconsistent J. Looks like a guy whose game is more suited to the open and man to man heavy NBA

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