Ryan Anderson - 21 Points average, dont think he can keep it up but crazy

Tony Wroton- At times looks like to me he should be the starting pg or move to SG

Crawford- Recent player of the week, looks locked in for SG to rondo comes

Thats off the top any more

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Here are a couple

Lance Stephenson
Miles Plumlee
Eric Bledsoe
Andre Drummond?

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i like ryan but he only

i like ryan but he only averages 5.6 rebounds a game. Thats too low for a 6'10 guy. I would put him in the conversation. Tony wroten is a good candidate that i forgot about. Im not sure if he is has improved truthfully or if the philly's wild style and lack of Defense(which is a big reason we should know, is why doug collins quit) has contributed to wrotens dramatic increase in production.

Take a look at ty lawson he is putting up all-star numbers across the board and you know if he doenst make the all- star game there would be snub talk. being in consideration for all-star balloting goes hand in hand with most improved player in my opinion.Not a lot of guys can make that jump in production and security with their go too guy offensively(Gallinari) out but Lawson has.he is also keeping his team in the play off picture. Just my opinion but he has all the aspects and is the current leader in the race of the most improved.

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Ryan Anderson is playing on

Ryan Anderson is playing on the perimeter and he has anthony davis to do all the dirty works, its okay for him to average that low of rebound, they have Aminu to get the boards, At the offensive end he much is a stretch four (you can say a small forward ) and aminu goes low to rebound,

what do you expect? Get rebounds from the three point line?

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Two words: Kevin Love.

Two words: Kevin Love.

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Positions have become such a

Positions have become such a outdated thing nowadays. What if Anderson is 6'10''?... He defends the 4 and offensively he plays in the perimeter. So what's his position? and... does it really matter? He's actually an specialist and we probably should judge him for what he is.

Back on topic, I don't think he should be nominated for the MIP award. However, I do like what Anthony Davis is doing in NO. About the other guys... not so sure. There are so many candidates stuffing the scoreboard in terrible teams and I don't really know how winning % affects in this award.

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These 2nd year players have improved a lot in my opinion:


Terrence Jones

John Henson

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Beat me to it, Terrence Jones

Beat me to it, Terrence Jones has been great this year.

After being glued to the bench on the 8th seed last season, he's now averaging 12.7 PPG, 8.6 RPG, 1.8 BPG as a starter in 29 minutes on a team with championship aspirations.

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Evan turner as well

Evan turner as well

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but

Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't Ryan Anderson won the award before? I don't think anyone has ever won MIP twice in one career, that would be amazing! But like I said, I can't remember if he actually won it or not. I just remember him being in the running one year.

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Anderson won it before as did

Anderson won it before as did Kevin Love. Nobody has ever won twice and I doubt that will ever happen. No team had a player win the award two years in a row either so I think Stephenson will be out because while he is playing very well his numbers aren't that much better.

Anthony Davis was playing huge before he got injured so I think he could still win it if he comes back and stays healthy while continuing to put up 19 10 and 3 blocks.

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Xavier Henry

Xavier Henry

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Why is Evan Turner not being

Why is Evan Turner not being mentioned more?

If I told you 23 games in, Evan Turner would be averaging
20.3 PPG, 3.9 APG, 6.7 RPG on 45.5% FG you'd have thought I was crazy. No one thought he could possibly be a 20 point scorer but he's been doing it pretty consistently. Not to say he couldn't still fall apart but at this point he's been really impressive. Pretty sure everyone on here had written him off as basically a bust before the season.

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I'd go with Lance and Wroten. They are young and i think that few people would have bet on them. Evan Turner is another very good choice as well.

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and Crawford.Henson didn't really suprised me beacuse I knew he could be this good if given right mins,but Crawford completely refined his game.he had alot of games close to double double with assists.He's really playing like a solid if not above average pg in this league.

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Jordan Crawford. He's changed

Jordan Crawford. He's improved his shot selection and become a much better distributor. I think he may push Avery Bradley into a bench role once Rondo returns. And give some consideration to Wroten as well. Averaging double figures after being a complete non-factor last year. He also had that neat triple-double in his first start.

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Paul George. Again. He's, in

Paul George. Again. He's, in my opinion, clearly the third best player in the league, and the only player who's capable of guarding 1 and 2. His jump shot is a thing of beauty. I got an up close look in the Garden when he torched the Knicks in the second half. He's the best perimeter defender in the league, and his on ball offense is improving rapidly.

Evan Turner would be my vote if its wierd to give the award to the same player two years in a row. While I did feel that he could be a great player coming out of college, I had really cooled on him as his career progressed. But his shot creation and mid range game is really starting shine, and is a three point shot away from being a perennial all star,

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