Most exciting draft ever???

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Most exciting draft ever???

I realize that this draft is one of the weakest drafts in a long-time, but for some reason I find myself extremely excited with this draft because so many players are projected in different spots from 5-40. I can't recall a draft where there has been so much movement across the board. Some examples: Austin daye has been all over the board (from lottery to second round), same with curry (from 6th-18th), Hansbrough (16th-second round), budinger (11th-late first round), and believe it or not, a lot more players from this draft are projected all over the place. Hopefully ESPN wont ruin it by announcing the picks 5 minutes before the actual pick happens. Thoughts?

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This draft...most exciting?


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I have to agree. I am

I have to agree. I am really excited about his draft too. One reason is there should be a ton of trades. Second reason being that I believe this draft is a lot stronger than people believe. Third is there is so much that is unknown like apeizner was saying. I was really dissapointed with last years' draft. Hopefully this year is exciting.

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