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Reports around the league are that the Los Angeles Lakers are fronts runners to acquiring Tyreke Evans from the Sacramento Kings; the Lakers also have Rudy Gay on their radar. Why are the lakers targeting these guys? None of them fill a need as Tyreke is another ball dominant guard who can't shoot and Rudy Gay puts up empty stats. What would they give up in either deal anyways? Also te grizzlies are looking at Tyreke Evans also

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Imagine if they traded Gasol

Imagine if they traded Gasol for Gay so Memphis has the Gasol brothers and Zac upfront....The grizzlies would be a bit short at SF but maybe could somehow get James Johnson from the Kings in a 3 way if the Lakers are going for Tyreke.

As for the Lakers, they have Artest and Kobe at 2 and 3 so not sure how tyreke and Gay would fit, unless Artest is included also.

I am not sure who the Kings would get in return...... Also rumours about Cousins and Dwight Howard possibly traded.

As with most rumours its just hearsay and prob won't happen.....

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As much as I love Z-Bo having

As much as I love Z-Bo having the Gasol brothers play on the same team would be exciting, Memphis is a little short in money so te marketability of those two would be great

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Untill recently, the reason

Untill recently, the reason behind moving Rudy Gay was purely financial (according to reports). Perhaps thats just a soft sell tactic so as not to hurt their trade position... but its strange that Gasol and Gay would be discussed in a trade since Gasol makes even more then Gay does...

Rudy Gay 12/13 $16,460,532 13/14 $17,888,932 14/15 $19,317,326
Pau Gasol 12/13 $19,000,000 13/14 $19,285,850

and Tyreke Evans will need to be resigned as an RFA. A 1 year qualifying offer of $6,927,156 needs to be made for the right to match in free agency. I have to believe theres atleast one team with cap space who would sign him to a deal starting at 7mil per... but i really have no clue what his percieved value around the league is atm.

It was recently suggested the Lakers are looking to trade Gasol for 3-4 smaller contracts to help fill out their roster with more reliable depth and energy... and not looking for another high priced "star".

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If the Lakers are looking to

If the Lakers are looking to acquire Tyreke I think it would be a move for the future of the organization. It wasn't long ago Evans was considered one of the top up & coming guards in the league. With a pair of mentors in Nash & Kobe, Los Angeles could be the perfect situation for Evans to reach his potential and improve the flaws in his game. It wouldn't hurt to have Evans and Dwight Howard as core players moving forward into the next era of Lakers basketball. You aslo have to remember Tyreke is still on his rookie scale contract to it shouldn't take much to pull him from central California. The move does not do much to solve the numerous issues the Lakers have had on the floor this year, but Tyreke could provide them with a young 6'5 220lb guard who can at the least aid they're putrid perimeter defense right now. As for Rudy Gay, his contract makes him very overrated but he aslo has some potential to become a very good player despite being in the league since 2006.

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If I'm the Grizzlies front

If I'm the Grizzlies front office, I'm not making any deal that could potentially benefit a rival team in the west such as Lakers (even though they are struggling). The Grizzlies are in the thick of the West and acquiring Pau Gasol for Gay is not the best deal out there. Also, it would hurt the rotation/chemistry of Z-Bo and Marc. Pau Gasol is having a bad year, but he's still a player that deserves 30+ minutes a game. He can't get that with a 3-man frontcourt rotation of Z-Bo/Marc/Pau. It just doesn't work in my opinion.

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Tyreke makes no sense to the

Tyreke makes no sense to the lakers unless they want the future at shooting guard. I wish the magic would make a play for Tyreke Evans

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Well in Lakers he would have

Well in Lakers he would have good mentors,so i think he could really be a PG in Lakers,you have to pass ball to Kobe

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Would Tyreke be the 6th man

Would Tyreke be the 6th man or what? I 'do'n't understand that one but hope it happens since I think they'd only get worse by it.

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Honestly why wouldnt Tyreke fit with the Lakers? The Lakers are struggling, they dont have a leader off the bench. He definitely can be the spark off the bench at either guard spots. He doesnt have to start. Kobe wont be playing for too many more years. They dont have to wait til he leaves to bring in another scoring guard. But they def wont do the Cousins for Howard trade.

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I am assuming they won't be

I am assuming they won't be able to get both Gay and Evans unless they would deal both Howard and Gasol. I would think Gasol for Gay is a pretty fair trade although it doesn't make any sense for the Grizz outside of the financial aspects. Howard to the Kings would have to be for both Cousins and Evans for that to be fair even with Howard's pending free agency. A line up of Nash-Evans-Kobe-Gay-Cousins wouldn't defend anybody but they would score 120 a night and be competive this year and in decent shape going forward if the players develop like we think they should. I doubt this will happen but the Lakers have been known to make the impossible happen.

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Alright, this is ridiculous

Alright, this is ridiculous but here's how the Lakers end up with both Gay and Evans -

Dwight Howard to the Hawks
Josh Smith to the Grizz
Hawks first rounder and Tony Wroten to the Kings
Evans and Gay to the Lakers

So it breaks down like this:

- Hawks trade a first rounder and Josh Smith for Dwight Howard. Why? Well they probably wouldn't but they know they aren't winning this year with their current lineup and will probably lose Smith this offseason so why not go big before going home? They have a whole bunch of guys that can shoot the three and that's worked well with Howard in the past. Howard and Horford make the best front court in the East. The Heat are the best team in the East and their biggest vulnerability is in the middle, which obviously becomes the Hawks biggest strength.

- The Grizz swap out Gay and Wroten and get the cap relief they want without skipping a beat, in fact they possibly get even better with Josh Smith.

- The Kings get a first rounder from last year ( Wroten) and an additional first rounder for this season. I'd think they would want more than what is essentially two picks in the 20's for Evans but maybe they think his injuries aren't going away and just want to start moving forward.( Salmons to the Hawks and Harris' expiring contract to the Kings might make it more worthwhile for the Kings if they can unload Salmons contract)

- The Lakers trade Howard for Gay and Evans. Obviously Howard would have to have made it clear he won't resign. If he did, they go smaller and see if they can't make something happen with what's left of this year and next year with Nash, Kobe, Gay, Artest and Pau starting and Evans as the 6th man. They get more athletic and younger. And they can't get any worse than they've been, right?

I didn't check salaries so others would have to be involved... and so would some demented GM's willing to gamble their jobs!

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I would not trade Dwight for

I would not trade Dwight for Gay and Evans.
I would let Kobe go before Dwight.

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If there were a potential Lakers/Grizzlies/Kings trade with Gay, Gasol, and Evans it would look something like this:

I think Sacramento does this deal in a heartbeat. They still have Thornton, Jimmer, and Thomas and add a small forward that they need.

Memphis might do this. They add another threat down low to pair with Randolph and Marc, which would be a nightmare for teams down low in the playoffs, but Memphis would have to rely on their guard play a lot more. Memphis may consider doing this because Gasol has 2 years left on his deal, while Gay has three, so they'd be saving money for the 2014-15 season.

As it stands now, I think the Lakers should look to make this deal. Gasol has been great in LA, but he is 32 and has an expensive contract. Evans is on a one year deal and is only 23. Plus the Lakers can decline the option on Garcia next year, and James Johnson could fill in as a solid replacement forward for Gasol. The Lakers have been looking better without Gasol the past few games, so adding a young 6th man off the bench that won a ROTY award and possibly the eventual successor to Kobe sounds like their best option. Depth has been the Lakers Achilles heal this season. This trade would fix that.

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To me Evans seems like a

To me Evans seems like a logical fit with the lakers. They have already had some games where they started Kobe at SF and meeks at SG and played MWP as a backup PF to spread the offense. Evans would fit in as their 6th man and back up 1-3.

That said I dont see what trade the kings take from the lakers for Evans.

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I am a big rudy gay fan

To me Rudy Gay gives them the athleticism this team is lacking. The lakers have no one on there team that can get them easy buckets off lobs or in transition. Plus you dont have to call a lot of plays for gay, and he is a good team guy you can build with

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Josh Smith


Josh Smith's agent met with Hawks GM Danny Ferry after Smith was suspended by the team but did not request a trade for his client.
Smith's agent, Wallace Prather, told Ken Berger of that he met with Ferry to express "a lot of frustration" on the part of Smith regarding the Hawks' recent struggles. While Prather didn't outright request a trade, multiple rival league execs told Berger the Hawks have participated in trade talks with several teams regarding Smith. One league source also told Berg the Mavs, Rockets and Grizzlies are among the teams that appeal to Smith were he to be traded. Smith is scheduled to be a free agent after the year, but it's entirely possible he won't make it to June as a member of the Hawks. Smith will sit out Wednesday's game to serve the suspension.

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