A modest proposal

You know there are a million things wrong with the Kings as an organization, as a team, and as a roster. I've watch them play a million games, and while I see talent I've also seen terrible coaching. This team played as a team for the first 3 quarters of the game against the Utah Jazz. In fact the fourth quarter they started to pull away. But I noticed something interesting. Keith smarts rotations have to be the most awful in the league. Along with that the guy at times has refused numerous times to get his starters back on the floor. Along with that instead of drawing up plays, he'd rather let the Kings settle in isolation as they tend to suck when they do.

He has catered to players whining about coming out, he has drawn up the worse plays coming out of time outs. I don't even no where to begin with how bad a coach he is. I apologize for ranting, but it just goes to show how frustrated I am with this team. Tonight is the best team basketball I've seen them play as a team, and yet they let their old habits ruin them in the final moments. And due to poor rotations and terrible coaching decisions this team has shot itself in the foot, much like they do all the time.

My modest proposal would be to fire Keith Smart. However you know what? The Kings would just continue to get worse. Because Geoff Pettrie would never go after Stan Van Gundy, or Jerry Sloan, or Larry Brown. No, he would rather settle with lame duck coaches that cost less money to sign. All in all I can only hope the Maloof's sell this team. So they can get a fresh start with a new general manager, and maybe a coach who has a better track record. Doesn't mean I want them to change their location. Just get rid of the coach, the front office, and everybody that doesn't give two &$#%#&@! about winning.

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The NBA needs to fire the

The NBA needs to fire the Maloofs...

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Bulls Owner

said he would trade his 6 NBA Rings for 1 World Series (he also owns the White Sox). He also let Ronnie Brewer go for Vladamire Radmonivic inorder to save a whopping 1.2 million dollars (or around that ammount) on the teams cap. I understand that they couldn't match Asik, but was there really a need to blow up the whole bench mob.

Unfourtunatly, you don't get to the point where you can buy an NBA team unless you an $^&%$# who only cares about money. Guys like Cuban are few and far between.

I feel your pain.

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Terrible Coaching.

This team has no offensive scheme. They simply take turns playing iso-ball with an occassional screen or pass. There's no planning or precision. There is absolutely no chance they can win a substantial number of games that way. They have a lot of talent, but it's not being harnassed.

Additionally, this team has some knuckleheads. DeMarcus had idiotic back-to-back fouls right near the end of the game when his team was over the limit, which resulted in 4 free points. And for all of his talent, DeMarcus is not nearly as productive as he should be. In 33 minutes he had just 14 points and 7 boards, while giving up 4 turnovers. He was really outplayed by Al Jefferson and Derrick Favors.

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Are the Kings really trying?

Are the Kings really trying? I'm not sure that they are. There really isn't much talent on that team beyond Cousin now that Evans has just fallen apart as a player. I know folks like Robinson and I guess he is fine. But the Kings need another high draft choice and it has to be a high character guy who shows up and is the best player on the team. There needs to be leadership. Right now Cousin is their best player and it is terrible when a head case is the best player on a team.

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Last night, they were really actually trying. But there comes a time where playing pick up basketball starts to get exposed. All Smart has done, has got these guys playing together. It was good enough to get three good quarters out of the Kings. But when its time to make an adjustment, run a play, Smart is terrible. His rotations are awful. He keeps Evans on the cour for a full quarter and a half, then has him sit out for 8 minutes in the fourth when Evans was hot and playing efficiently on both sides of the floor.

And don't start with that high draft pick nonsense. The Kings have spent a long time at the height of the draft lottery. It comes down to coaching, and poor construction of rosters. You can have as much talent as you want on a team, but there is a such thing of having too much talent. As of right now, the Kings are an accident waiting to happen.

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