Mock Lottery w/ Comments (Feedback Please!)

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Mock Lottery w/ Comments (Feedback Please!)

1. Cleveland Cavaliers - Nerlens Noel
I don't think Noel is a lock to go 1 and a Thompson/Noel frontcourt does leave a whole lot to be desired on the offensive end of the floor... however given their selection of Waiters last year and Noel's game changing defensive presence, I think the Cavs somewhat reluctantly chose Noel and resolve to fix the rest of their roster down the road.

2. Orlando Magic - Ben McLemore
The Magic are in full rebuild mode. Burke fits their biggest need here, but McLemore's talent level is too high to pass on. In McLemore they get a great young piece to develop, with probably the most all star potential in the draft, that already possesses a lot of the skills it takes to succeed as a shooting guard in the league.

3. Washington Wizards - Otto Porter
After missing badly on Vesely 2 years ago and desperately lacking talent on the wing, the Wizards go for arguably the safest player in the draft in Porter. While their front court is also a concern, Porter's skillset, upside, and attitude fits too perfectly for the Wizards to make the riskier pick in Bennett or Len.

4. Charlotte Bobcats - Alex Len
Given the Bobcats history, it's very difficult to predict which way they will go. The Cats need talent in the front court, and Len's size and skill fits nicely beside Biyombo. On talent alone, Len is top 5 in the draft, and big centers with defensive potential are in high demand. Also, his rehabilitation period would probably ensure that the Bobcats finish at the bottom of the league next year giving them a great shot at a real franchise talent. Many other options here, including trading the pick, it will be interesting to see what happens.

5. Phoenix Suns - Victor Oladipo
Not the franchise changing talent that the Suns need, but you know what you're getting with OIadipo. His attitude and fire will be a huge for the locker room, in creating a winning culture. A safe pick, but the upside is there too if he can become an outside shooting threat. Suns will be happy if he's still on the board when they pick.

6. New Orleans Hornets - Anthony Bennett
Many have Bennett going higher, but I think GM's are becoming weary of the tweener forwards. Bennett's production in college and his talents are impressive, but his lack of a defined position may hurt him draft day. From interviews, it sounds as if Bennett aspires to play some 3 at the next level and with the Hornets biggest hole there, they might just gamble on him being able to convert. Drafting Bennett gets the Hornets possibly the most talented player left on the board, and someone who could fill the hole on the wing or beside Davis as a 4/5 combo. Burke is another likely option here, but I feel Vasquez's play this season should earn him another season as the starter.

7. Sacramento Kings - Trey Burke
The Kings have needs at many positions, but possibly their greatest need is a change in culture. Fresh off of taking Michigan to the title game, Trey Burke is the type of leader the Kings need to come in and turn the team around. I feel this is Burke's floor as the Kings will view his competitive fire and will to win as just the quality they've been needing.

8. Detroit Pistons - Shabazz Muhammad
The Pistons had great success at the last draft, selecting a previously highly ranked prospect whose stock had dropped greatly over the course of the season. Shabazz clearly fills a big void for the Pistons on the wing and can score the ball in bunches for them. While other teams my shy away from Bazz, I feel the Pistons are likely to gamble and hope he becomes the player who was once thought of as a potential number one pick.

9. Minnesota Timberwolves - Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
I think it's quite possible that the Wolves end up trading this pick, but if not I think KCP is the best fit for them. Although kind of a reach at 9 (as of now), Caldwell-Pope possesses the main qualities that the Wolves are looking for in a backcourt mate for Rubio. With size, good athleticism, a nice shooting stroke, and solid defensive potential, KCP is their ideal SG. However, questions about his basketball IQ and competitiveness make Caldwell-Pope not such a sure thing.

10. Portland Trailblazers - Cody Zeller
Frontcourt depth is easily the Trailblazers biggest concern heading into next season. With Hickson possibly out the door for FA, the Blazers badly need to add an extra productive big man to the rotation. Zeller, who at the start of the season was thought of as possibly the top pick, tested out well at the combine and is ready to produce right away in the league. While not great defensively, Zeller runs the floor better than any other big in the draft and could be the 'yin' to Meyers Leonards 'yang', in terms of ability. While the potential is their for Zeller to be a starter in the future, at the very least Portland can be satisfied that they've obtained a reliable rotation big.

11. Philadelphia - CJ McCollum
Falling slightly on draft day, the Sixers wind up with a good value pick here. McCollum can step in and help the team out on the perimeter, where they suffered injury problems throughout last season.

12. Oklahoma City Thunder - Rudy Gobert
OKC clearly needs to upgrade from Perkins. While not physically ready to step in and take over the role, Gobert's upside might be too much to resist for a franchise known for developing their players well. The Thunder, never shy in making risky decisions, might just choose to swing for the fences with Gobert, in hopes that he becomes the elite center that pushes them over the edge into a championship quality team.

13. Dallas Mavericks - Michael Carter-Williams
While widely reported to be shopping this pick, if MCW were to available here, you'd have to think that they Mavericks would pause. A fantastic player maker with great size, the Mavericks roster, which lacks young talent, could really afford to add a player with such upside. While not without his question marks, MCW tested out shockingly well at the combine and given his physical attributes could easily go much higher than 13.

14. Utah Jazz - Dennis Schroeder
A very popular pick at 14 for the Jazz, I, along with many others, feel like this is likely the spot where Schroeder has been offered his promise (If there in fact is one). The Jazz clearly need to pick up a point guard with one of their two first rounds picks, and Schroeder has the most upside of any point guard left. Although somewhat of an unknown, the intrigue of Schroeder will be too much to pass up for Utah.

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Overall this mock seems good.

Overall this mock seems good. I'd be surprised if the 76ers took CJ McCollum because they have a bunch of needs but the back four the least if their concerns. Granted the new GM Sam Hinkie may have a very different way of looking at things and might go with someone unexpected. I tend to think they'll draft a big guy with so many available.

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Not liking you picks

Not liking you picks for
Bobcats-Alex Len and BJ Mullens, to similar of players and they need a scorer
New Orleans-Bennett is a PF, they drafted a PF last year
Blazers-They drafted Myles Leonard last year, they already said they want a SG in the draft

Other then those I liked your picks, good job.

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Thanks for the comments! A

Thanks for the comments! A few of the picks aren't perfect, but I tried to take into account drafting BPA

Just personally I like the Len to the Bobcats fit better than their other options, and for the Blazers I'm thinking that Will Barton's play near the end of the season might have been good enough to deter them from picking another SG.

I'm tempted to give the Sixers a big, but have a hard time dropping McCollum any farther.

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