Mock Draft top 10

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Mock Draft top 10

This is the most likely mock draft
1. LAC = Blake Griffin, (duh)
2. MEM = Hasheem Thebeet, they don't need another guard
3. OKC = Ricky Rubio, if that happens Russell Westbrook would be move to the 2
4. SAC = they have no choice but to pick Jordan Hill, a good pick would need a couple of years to develop
5.WAS= James Harden, A classic guard who can put points on the board.
6. MIN = Tyreke Evans, need a combo guard, if picked by MIN will likely play the point so Randy Foye could be a scorer. Bassy is not helping them at all. Maybe a Taller version of Jamal Crawford.
7.GSW = Brandon Jennings, A flashy point guard, A 2.0 version of Kenny Anderson, put Monta Ellis back at the 2.
8. NYK = Stephen Curry, Will likely play for New York and a great pick, they need to trade away some people so he can get minutes.
9. Tor = DeMar DeRozan a great pick for them since Anthony Parker is a Free Agent. A another version of VC needs to improve Jump shot and ball handling
10. Mil = Jrue Holiday a great all around player, They need a point guard since Ramon Sessions is going to be a free Agent.


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okay, memphis actually needs a guard. do you know how many guards they have on that team? at C though they have gasol, haddadi, darko and mihm (he won't be back anyway). at the 4, they have warrick (who might not be back), arthur and miles (who's also a 3). jaric, conley and wilks are the only pgs in the team and only conley is capable of running the team.

i like westbrook at the 1, no need to move him at the 2, they'll get thabeet. he's a better fit and he can help defend the middle. krstic can move to the 4 (he's got range on his jumper), green to the bench. a lineup of thabeet, krstic, durant, thabo/livingston/weaver, westbrook is going to be a tall one.

Was. Harden. I'd like to see him go to the wiz. Stevenson was really bad even when healthy. I don't see Nick young as a starter, (maybe a scorer off the bench like jr smith). Harden would give them a boost offensively and he can do some playmaking if arenas decides to play off the ball.

Min. foye is a combo guard so i dont think they need another one, why not a real point? jennings at the 6th is not bad. telfair was actually playing well in the 2nd half of the season (still inconsistent but was decent), maybe you don't watch the wolves?

Tor. Even if Anthony Parker is locked in for the next 5 years or so, I'd still get a wing for them. They need one badly and if Derozan is available when they pick, then he's their man. If not, earl clark or james johnson would be their other options.

Mil. just coz sessions is going to be a free agent doesn't mean they have to panic and draft another point guard. ridnour is still under contract and he was playing decent ball before he got injured (sessions was playing a lot better and there's no way to justify skiles decision to start ridnour over sessions). jrue's a reach there. i see jrue getting picked somehere between 18 and 25. he needs to go back to school imo.

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I like how someone finally

I like how someone finally brings up Telfair in Minny. He's not a bad backup and had a few good games as a starter and they can play him next to Foye.

What about Minny taking a "bigger" guard like Derozan? They could get rid of Miller next year and no legit shooters. Corey Brewer's been a bust; I'd love to see Carney become more of an offensive threat; Bobby Brown's a PG.

I agree with rvirsal on the Toronto pick - Derozan should be the first option there, if not go for someone that has versatility. If they move Marion, they'll need someone to fill the "defender" role.

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