Mock Draft and possible trades

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Mock Draft and possible trades

I'm thinking that Memphis will try and trade the pick and/or Conley to get some frontcourt defense. Also NYK might trade up to get a higher pick and get someone like Rubio. I've heard rumors between OKC and Washington that gives OKC McGee and 5th pick for the 3rd pick.

Has anyone heard any other rumors? Also what do you think?

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Clippers will do somthing big I feel with Blake Griffin and there bad long term contracts if anyone has ideas what though please post Ideas no matter how radical

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kevin pritchard!!

got a feeling he gets his point guard of the future for the blazers. if jrue holiday is there at 9, i can see portland packaging travis outlaw, sergio rodriguez, #24, and maybe a couple of their second rounders to move up and get him.

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