Mock Draft 4.0

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Mock Draft 4.0

Open to comments and suggestions...I have one more mock draft left and that will be online the day before the draft

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looking good except for Hill

Thabeet isn't going 2nd most likely, Memphis will play the trading game drafting Rubio most likely.
Jordan Hill dropping to 11th I don't see it, Knicks already said they'd take him if he fell to them.
Warriors, Wizards might draft him and trade Hill he can't be slipping that much.
Knicks will draft Jennings over Flynn more upside.
I thought reports were Milwaukee was going to draft Teague in case Sessions left, with Blair their frontcourt would be nice your pick makes more sense.
Can't see Lawson going that late lowest 20-22, 15th pick for Tyler Hansbrough is a bit high.
I like the Utah, Dallas, Toronto picks they fit teams needs.
2nd pick for Okc they need a big man good place to gamble late in the 1st round for one, can get a backup pg anywhere.
Seems only God knows what the Bulls will do not, just with the draft.

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Not bad but a few problems

Your mock is okay, but I do disagree on a few things. First Holiday will not go as high as 6th. Look for him to go lower. Alos there is now ay Hill will slip to 11th. I think the T'wolves would take him over Holiday to help out Love down low. Hansbrough is a bit high at 15, I think he will go as low at about 20. And what were you thinking, Chase to the jazz? They need a big guy down low, not a mid wing scorer, they have plenty of those. (Korver, Miles, Brewer, AK, Boozer, and Memo) Though I do agree with Ellington replacing Gordan. Make those changes for your next mock and there you go.

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check mines out and ill re

check mines out and ill re post on yours later

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