MKG 's Potential

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MKG 's Potential

Everyone always gushes about how MKG oozes with potential, but honestly I'm not seeing it. I think he will develop into an elite wing stopper, but I dont think his offensive game will ever develop.

First, This guy's shot is absolutely broken. Honestly I think he has the ugliest jumper I've ever seen. It makes Kevin Duckworth look like ray allen. A lot of people say that MKG's success is as simple as fixing his jumpsho. those people don't understand that its almost unheard of to completely rework a player's jumpshot this late in his basketball career. Jumpshot form is something you fix in high school, and when it is done this late, the results are usually disastrous.

MKG doesn't have advanced dribbling skill, playmaking skill, or any offensive skill to speak of really. I also feel like his athleticism is overrated. MKG is NOT an elite athlete, simply a very good one. Sure he's a good finisher at the rim, but he doesn't show the type of bounce or speed that I would categorize as elite in the NBA. I feel like some of the projections of his potential are based in the conception that MKG is an elite athlete.

I honestly think that MKG's ceiling is a prime Gerald Wallace. I see him at best being a borderline all-star if he can figure out how to shoot at a somewhat decent clip. I seriously question whether he will be able reach that potential, because I don't think he can develop a 3 point shot (maybe even a midrange shot).

Now I know this last part sounds pretty outlandish, but who else on the Bobcats has these tools: athleticism, elite defensive potential, youth, (and even a three point shot). Jeff Taylor. It seems to me that the Bobcats have a potentially elite 3-and-D player in Taylor. Right now, I think that Taylor is actually an even more useful player than MKG. Hopefully that will change so we wont have to label MKG as a huge bust, but right now I am not bullish on the prospects of him reaching his potential.

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I don't think anybody ever

I don't think anybody ever thought he was going to be an elite top-5 wing in the NBA but Gerald Wallace is exactly what we are expecting.

A guy that might be a one or two time All-Star, tough and gritty defender that is going to give it everything he's got night in and night out.

Remember, Gerald Wallace averaged 17 PPG, 7.8 RPG, 2.5 APG, 1.9 SPG, and 1.1 BPG through 6 seasons in his prime. If MKG can be that, I'd say he's reached his potential.

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The problem is, I don't see

The problem is, I don't see anything gritty in his personality. He plays hard for some stretches but at times, he was passive as well. I knew he was going to disappoint just like his teammate. They should've gone with Harrison Barnes.

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Are you talking about Anthony Davis? If so how did he disappoint he average 13.5 ppg 8.2 rpg 1.8 bpg 1.2 spg as a 20 year old rookie big man. That's pretty damn good and plus he's been very impressive in preseason. Not sure if he will live up to the KG comparisons but how did he disappoint? He will be a very good player barring major injuries and should become a top 5-7 pf for years to come.

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Maybe he was talking about

Maybe he was talking about Teague, Lamb, or Jones?

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Prime Gerald Wallace is not

Prime Gerald Wallace is not bad. In fact, it is very good and it would make MKG one of the best 2nd overall picks in years if he reaches that level. Wallace was not just a good defender, but a nice scorer despite playing on the slowest paced team on the league. If Wallace player on a team like the Suns, he easily could have been a 20 ppg scorer in his prime due to his elite transition scoring ability which was not fully taken advantage of by the Bobcats.

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Yeah, but that's if he can

Yeah, but that's if he can shoot. I don't see him doing that. Without a jump shot, he's a SF that cannot score out side of 5 feet.

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I have a feeling that the

I have a feeling that the Bobcats are going to have a hard time making the decision to keep MKG on the floor and Jeffrey Taylor off it as the season goes on.

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Jeffrey Taylor right now is

Jeffrey Taylor right now is the better basketball player

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prime wallace would be great

prime wallace would be great for him lol.but i dont think his ceiling is that high.wallace wasnt a great shooter but his shot wasnt broke either.i think mkg will end being a high energy glue guy off the bench.i think his ceiling is more a toney allen type

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He's not a jump shooter, but

He's not a jump shooter, but he's a 75% free throw shooter and over half of his shots are at the rim so it's not like he's Josh Smithing it on the perimeter. I maintain he'll continue to improve his jumper and although he's not a one on one break your ankles ball handler, I think he's in a good spot for a 20 year old defensive wing type.

I think the Gerald Wallace production expectations are very much in his future. Wallace didn't have a break out season until he was 23 after coming in at the same age as MKG. He rebounded at a 8.1 per game per 36 minutes, and he makes plays out of nothing in loose ball situations which is something I've always liked about his game.

I don't think he's going to break out as a sophomore, but I think he'll improve. I suspect he'll get about 11 ppg 7 rpg and over a block and a steal per game in around 30 mpg. He's just not going to have an offensive role on that team, but I think he continues to improve and I think it's not a bad thing he's not expected to take 15 shots per game as his team's 2nd option.

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Below is what i said 2 years

Below is what i said 2 years ago when the mkg barnes debate was raging it still holds true. he was never going to be a the player worth a number 2 pick. the kentucky hoopla caught everybody. he will be a solid player for many years but he will never live up to being number 2. In hindsight would anyone pick him number 2 in a redraft. barnes drummond, beal,lillard all go before mkg.

I know that everybody loves MKG. I know he has all these intangibles he is a winner blah, blah, blah. Hey I like the kid he is nice but I don't think he will be better than Barnes.What follows is my arguments why.

Lets back track to high school, who was the better player lets look at the tape



Now I think its pretty obvious who was the more rounded player. MKG was a good player but overall skill level Barnes has him beat. Jump shot is much more sound for Barnes going forward bigger better body. Barnes is a little over a year older so we will give him the body.

Lets go to college

Lets goto the tape again look at their best games in college to see NBA skills. I picked mixtape by same person they covered the same things. If you are a NBA GM which guy looks more ready to be player.



Now I will give MKG is better defender and if you want to say more aggressive rebounder. However if I am NBA GM Barnes shows me everything in need in SF and as NBA GM I am not silly enough to let a shooting slump in the tournament make me forget the body of work.

Harrison Barnes will be a better player than MKG he is already light years ahead of him without a strong handle. He may not be able to guard position 1-4 but he will be able to gaurd his own position which is the most important thing.

Yes MGK has great work ethic but that doesn't mean he will ever be a good shooter, ball handling is much easier thing to fix than a poor shooting, and its not only that he is poor shooter its that he has hitch in his shot. Hitches have a tendency to very hard to trained out of. Barnes is also noted for having a good work ethic.

Now I am not saying intagibles don't matter but if I have to choose between the 2, I pick Barnes. In other words if I am picking on potential I rather shoot for Joe Johnson/Rudy Gay type than a Gerald Wallace/Trevor Ariza.

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If I was the bobcats I would

If I was the bobcats I would trade him while he still has value, for a team that will be in the lottery this year. I don't understand the hype around this guy.

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I think MKG is a little too

I think MKG is a little too much bashed here. His shot is ugly as hell and I really like Taylor but this doesn't mean he is awefull. Shawn Marion is pretty much this generations MKG to me. His numbers were inflated a bit in Phoenix due to high scoring but that's exactly what the Cats were missing last year and this should change big time this year with big Al.

I usually don't use age as an advantage or disadvantage on rooks or sophs but MKG was the youngest player of his class if I'm not mistaken and he didn't take bad shots at all. Give him time and he will be a great wing defender and even better teammate. Watch out for Kemba and MKG to really flourish over the next two years.

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