Minnesta Timberwolves' 3 First Round picks

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Minnesta Timberwolves' 3 First Round picks

The T-Wolves have 3 First Round picks!
Who should they draft with them?

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PG, SF, Bench SG

Brandon Jennings and James Johnson can be good starters and with Foye at 2 Dionte Christmas will be great off the bench

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Wolves Needs a Center, Small Forward, and Point Guard

The Wolves most glaring need is at the center position. Neither Al Jefferson or Kevin Love is a true center. The Wolves should use their lottery pick on Hasheem Thabeet or Minnesota native, Cole Aldrich (If he enters). Their second first round pick, I think they should go with either of these wing players, Damion James, Terrence Williams, Omri Casspi (If he stays in the draft), Tasmin Mitchell (if he enters), or Austin Daye (if he enters). Finally with their last first round pick, they should either select one of these point guards, if they still on the board, AJ Price, Jrue Holiday, or Darren Collinson.

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I say go big early, then get

I say go big early, then get a pg and trade the last one and someone else to get a solid wing.

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3 or 4 firsts

They might have 4th firsts. they get Utah's if they are not top 22. They will only use 2 picks as they don't have the roster room nor would they want 4 rookies. Also I think PG is a bigger need than center. Center is a need but they need a PG worse. Jennings is possible, Rubio would be awesome.

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Wolves possibly trying to get Rubio?

"He's a legitimate [NBA] pro right now," the West GM said. "I don't care how old he is, he is much more prepared for the NBA than any college player."

"We love him," the West executive said. "We're going to try to get him. But I don't think we're going to be the only ones."

I have a feeling this might be a quote from Fred Hoiberg or Jim Stack. At this point I believe the franchise is leaning more towards getting Rubio, just for the fact that he's more NBA "ready" now than any player, at least according to this GM. We obviously don't get to see a lot of his games here in the States, but from what I've seen so far (Olympics, NBA TV - when his hand was broken playing against Jennings) he's definitely a veteran at 18 years old. I've got to admit though, his shot looks terrible at times. He's looks very awkward shooting the ball and he's got very minimal lift on his jump, but the fact that he can control and dictate a professional game at his age with 30 something year old veterans shows the kid has a lot of court presence. A Jason Kidd comparison I believe isn't a far cry from the truth, especially with their lack of shooting ability. Fortunately for both, they have a great, if not intuitive understanding of the game. The body strength is definitely going to be an issue early on for Ricardo, but he's still very young, if he comes out this year he'll be in the same situation as Durant, that is both are a year young for their high school classes. Unfortunately his aggressive nature on the defensive side of the ball gets him in trouble when he charges passing lanes for a steal, possibly allowing his man to swiftly move to the bucket for a layup, but from what I've seen so far he somehow changes directions after he charges the passing lane and sets his feet in front of his man and gets the charging call. Pure brilliance, his basketball IQ has a possible Larry Legend ring to it. Mark my words, he's going to be very good for a very long time. He needs a shooting coach though. As for how the Wolves will get him, I can imagine them taking a player like Thabeet, Jennings, or even Teague and trading them along with the rights to the Miami pick for him. Teague's stock will go up dramatically after the workouts, he's a Kevin Johnson clone if I've ever seen one. I watched quite a few Wake Forest games this year and Coach Dino did not play those guys to their strengths. Why would you ever take the most explosive, most exceptional ball handling (sorry Johnny, your left just doesn't look good enough yet) PG in D1 off the ball and have Ish Smith play the 1? He did this more as the season went on too, I wonder why their season went down the toilet? He can go left or right, smoke everybody down the court, hang in the air, finger roll, dunk on your dome, and deliver crisp, slick, one-handed passes through the defense into the paint. Unless there's somebody dramatic that's available at the end of the first round I would assume we would sell or trade the Celtics pick for a future pick. With how weak this draft looks at the end of the first I would assume they ultimately do this, but Jerome Jordan might be the answer to the Wolves lack of a shot blocking Center even though Hoiberg continues to rave about Nikola Pekovic.

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PG-C-SF...combo SF-PF, SG 4the fun, combo guard, everything !!!

It's easy Wolves needs at every positions, except the 4...
Hard 2 see, they'll be 19 MD under the luxury taxe, so should go in the free agency, could package a player(or more) with a pick(or more) to get what they need(thinking mike miller and his expiring contract) taking a bigger contract, a bigger playa 2 upgrade.
They should put the money on the table 4 a guy like sessions, try to get a guy like hinrich....
Need size, need a 7 footer center, need a solid PG, need a SF, could takes combos (guard or forward) or guys playing SG-SF...just don't need blake griffin.
Don't know who with the 5th pick, rubio should be great, if foye stay at the 2, they could take a combo guard..1,5+1,5=3(warren ?), it's hard 2 take thabeet, should be the center defensive minded big Al need, but should really be the next desagana diop so with a 5th pick...ouch, henderson should be a solid role playa to back up foye or play with.
for the 18th pick, guys like mullens, aldrich, T-will, evan turner, johnson....
The 27-28th pick should be traded, they got the back ups right now(love-smith-gomes-carney-telfair-brewer...), needs starters 1-3-5 if big AL and foye plays 2 and 4.

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PG or C

The Wolves need a center the most. They have been trying to find a point guard ever since KG arrived in 95...and that has not worked out too well. The Wolves have never had a center and need one before Big Al has a tenure with this squad much like KG did. I would take Thabeet with 5 and hope Maynor slides to 18. I would package the other picks (Utah, Bos, 2-2nd Rounders from Mia) and maybe a player or two for a solid veteran and maybe future picks. The Wolves are actually pretty solid at SF. Gomes is no stud, but he is playing pretty good this year, and Brewer will be back next year...he is going to be a stud, at least defensively, and Miller can fill that spot rather nicely too. PG and C are a must!

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Saying we don't trade any of the picks

I was high on drafting Thabeet with the 1st pick but seeing how he has been stinking it up makes me think the Wolves should stay away from him.
So, I say take a PG first, either:
1. Rubio
2. Jennings
3. Teague
Now with the Miami pick, probably 18th, I say a center:
1. Cole Alridge - he has a pretty nice game plus he is a good defender, but he needs to build strength.
2. BJ Mullen - moves very well for a center, if he could work on his game and strength he will be very nice.
3. Jarome Jordan -'s hard to predict him because he is kind of stiff, but maybe if he works on his game he will be alright.
Now with the Boston pick, probably the 28th pick, I say a wing player:
1. Damion James
2. Terrance Williams
3. Derrick Brown
I don't think the Wolves will get the Utah pick.

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Cole Aldrich- 6'10", 250

Al Jefferson-6'10", 265
Kevin Love-6'10", 260

They don't need Cole Aldrich. If they want a center early, Hasheem Thabeet is there man. If they wait until later in the draft to go big, A.J. Ogilvy and B.J. Mullens aren't bad options. Brandon Jennings and Ricky Rubio are the only legit point guards worth taking that early in the draft. If they go big in the lottery, options at picks 18 and 28 include Jeff Teague, Jrue Holiday, Ty Lawson, Jonny Flynn, Eric Maynor, A.J. Price and Darren Collison. Since they are flooded with small fowards/wing-men, the T-Wolves should look at a solid PF or SG with whatever draft pick isn't used on a center and point guard. Patrick Patterson, Terrence Williams, Dionte Christmas and Taj Gibson just to name a few.

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Despite us debating where the Timberwolves are going to go, they will royally &$#%#[email protected]! up this draft. I have faith this team will ruin Al Jeffersons career as much as they did Kevin Garnett. Minnesota Will draft a power forward, a below average point guard, and a wing player with their 3 picks. Depending on the lottery I think their going to go and snag james/young and teague and/or another point guard depdending on how far he slips.

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They have to draft either

They have to draft either Cole Aldrich (7-6 wingspan) or Hasheem Thabeet with their first pick Jefferson or love arent centers, Love could come of the bench and fill both spots when Jefferson or whom they pick need a rest. Telfair is backup point guard, they need taller point with better shot, AJ price or Willie Warren, then with the last pick get Sam Young or James Johnson can't go wrong with either one, they play D, and have NBA ready physique. But since their wolves if they don't have the number one pick they'll pick Jordan Hill, Ty Lawson, and Tyler Hansbrough, smh change management. Oj Mayo, Brandon Roy, Danny Granger,Thaddeus Young or Al Thornton all those picks they lost for that stupid Joe Smith deal, Mr. Boston Celtic needs to leave his post, he hasn't done anything but bring that team down while he's been their.

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At some point the wolves

At some point the wolves have to get lucky with the lottery. I am holding out for Griffin.

There are too many PGs in this draft to take on early. I think we go thabeet as a defensive minded C, and I wouldnt even get mad if they drafted Mullens with the second pick. We have had some senior citizen centers in the past few years. I say we go with the trailblazer strategy, get a solid PG and surround him with 7 footers.

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"I have faith this team

"I have faith this team will ruin Al Jeffersons career as much as they did Kevin Garnett." Auber: how did Sota ruin KGs career isnt he a HALL OF FAMER and a 20 10 guy????

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Ohh that makes sense... SOTA

Ohh that makes sense... SOTA did ruin a perfect opportunity cause Garnett gave them some quality years.

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i say they end up trading

i say they end up trading one of the picks the 18th & 28th picks to the warriors for their 7th pick

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Trade some of those picks

Trade some of those picks obv

Nothing worth having in this draft =D

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