Minnesota's massive PG workout

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Minnesota's massive PG workout

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Nice, thanks for the link...

...I have been holding off on putting Tyreke #2 for awhile now but I think it's going to happen. I think that Evans is going to be a Grizzly with Conley out the door. I know that OJ and Evans might seem like they wouldn't go together but I think that 'Reke is so creative a scorer that the Grizz would have a decent group of guys to grow with in Mayo, Evans, and Gay. Thabeet might be the guy to fall...although to be honest I can't think of where he might end up. I think that is Evans goes 2, the whole draft becomes a mad house with people rushing for Rubio. I also think that Curry might end up jumping up the board as well. DeRozan, Harden, and Hill might be the guys to drop with Thabeet sliding in ahead of Hill as the BPA as a BIG and a lot of teams making a mad dash for PG's. Good news for my Bulls. If they can pull a legit NBA starter with All-Star potential like DeRozan, Harden, Blair or Hill out of this draft, since the draft is PG heavy and they are set at the position for the next decade or more, I will be a happy camper. Evans going 2 I think makes Jrue, Jennings, Rubio, Curry, and Flynn all potential Top 10 guys with Rubio 3, Jrue 4, Thabeet 5, Jennings 6, Curry 7, DeRozan 8, Hill 9, etc. a possibility. That pushes Harden to New Jersey at #11 which the Bulls are rumored to be moving (possibly a trade with New Jersey) down near the bottom of the lottery with Blair being a Skiles type of guy at 10 regardless of BPA. That would shake next Thursday up!

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Yeah thanks for this link,

Yeah thanks for this link, very interesting article. I can't believe Holiday was by far the most disappointing. Jrue was pretty impressive when he worked out for the Kings. Maybe he just doesn't really want to play for the Wolves?

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no its not that

its the fact the other players ahead of him are better .

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