Minnesota's awful luck

Everyone know's that they do have the worst luck in the NBA (Please tell if you can find a worse case) and this just proves it.

On August 12th 2005 the T'Wolves traded Sam Cassell, who was still an OK PG at the time, with a future first rounder. In rounder they got..

Drum roll

Marco Jaric and Lionel Chalmers from the LA Clippers!!!

Now these playeers didn't help them at all so basically they just lost a first round pick.

However that first round pick was top 10 protected from the 2006 draft right through to 2011. So next year it is unprotected. So what? you may ask it isn't any different then NY trading there pick last year to Utah, well the 2012 draft will probably be one of the deepest drafts ever and Minnesota will miss out on it! (Well unless they trade for a pick in the draft). So who will they miss out on, well Anthony Davis, Harrison Barnes, Jared Sullinger and Quiency Miller to name four.

Well that proves my point, the Minnesota Timberwolves are the NBA's most unlucky team unless someone can find a more unlucky team, which I don't think is impossible just improbable.

PS I have a couple of guess' for teams people might bring up because of injuries, but try to focus more on stupid trades and star players wlaking out on them, but injuries can be mentioned.

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