Minnesota TWolves: Offseason

Alright, everybody, 1st post.

Now that the season is over for the timberwolves, does anybody have any thoughts on how they should handle their offseason? After another dissapointing season they seem to be left with more questions than answers.

Just a few off the top of my head:

Should they re-sign Nicola Pekovic if another team offers him more than $10 million?

--I personally think that Pek is a fine player but committing to him that much money seems to be a huge risk. Maybe a sign-and-trade? the twolves could use some more athleticism in their front court for sure.

Has Derrick Williams shown enough to prove he belongs?

--I want this guy to develop a nasty streak. He smiles as much as Wes Johnson, and we all know what happened there. I want Derrick to play with a chip on his shoulder. 21 points in the finale, but can he do that on the regular?

If Rick Adelman retires, who should we go after as a coach?

--I know the NBA is a game of musical chairs, with multiple coaches like to be fired, but I can't help but speculate on who might replace Rick if he walks...Flip Saunders? I don't know..He'd be better than Terry Porter that's for sure. Maybe David Kahn can kidnap Phil Jackson and bring him home to his midwest roots (JK).

Speaking of Kahn: Who thinks this guy should keep his job?

--In David's defense he had some horrible luck with injuries this year. Yeah, he probably shouldn't have gambled on Brandon Roy, but hey, we're in Minnesota, healthy free agents don't line up to play here.

Who should they pick in this pitiful excuse of a draft?

--Zeller, Oladipo, Shabazz all could work for us. I know Shabazz has some baggage but at 9 or 10 he seems like fair bet.

Bonus Question: Will Glen Taylor grow a pair?

--I have been reading his quotes in the papers and his indecisiveness drives me [email protected]#$ing crazy.

End Scene.

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Rick ADELMAN is gonna stay . David Kahn is gonna keep his job this years draft he is gonna have to do something and big every year at the draft we wait to see a trade This year he is gonna have to trade Derrick Williams ,drop Chase budlinger SIGN PEKO him and KEVIN LOVE IS GREAT ARE OFFENSE IS GOOD FOR ARE REBOUNDS THAT'S A NO BRAINER SIGN HIM FOR 10 MILLION OR 9 OR SOMETHING IF HE WANNA :)

Rubio is are star point guard, Kevin Love is are PowerFoward, Nekio Pekovic is are CENTER, so whats are SG, AND SF
Derrick Williams is good but I say we draft somebody that Rick ADELMAN approves. I say anything that is good for a SG/SF that can make us start winning and make the playoff ONLY .

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Lots here. 1. I would go up

Lots here.

1. I would go up to $12.5mil/year for Pek. Cs get paid, Brooks got a max and he's another all offense, little defense, poor rebounding center. You pay for size in the NBA and we need Pek.
2. Dwill has shown enough I'm comfortable having him as a bench player. The problem is that he JJ and Luke combine to make $14mil next year and that is too much for backups who aren't even your 6thman high minute type players. I would try to move him. In a dream world Phoenix or Charlotte decides they need floor spacers and moves their #4/5 pick for DWill + 9 so we can land Oladipo.
3. All indications are Adelman will be back. If he's not... I suspect Flip will coach.
5. draft. Hell no to Shabazz. The guy is a jump shooter only and does nothing off the ball. I like KCP best at 9. Zeller (and Olynyk) is similar to Love/Pek. He has size but his skills are offensive and he's not a rim protector. If we draft a big I would like it to be someone with more of a defensive bent to their skillset.

Guys I like in this draft: Porter, Noel, Oladipo, Burke, Schroeder. McLemore, KCP, Adams, Glenn Rice Jr, Dieng, Withey, Nogiera, Wolters, Bullock, Adetokoubo

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