Mike Taylor

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Mike Taylor

He was the 55th pick in the draft last year by the Blazers and traded to the Clippers. He was the first ever player drafted from the D-League. Last Wednesday, he scored a career high 35 points on 10-14 shooting along with 8 boards off the bench in his first ever game in Madison Square Garden:
He is a blazing fast pg who can dunk as well as anyone:

He then scored 23 points against the spurs in the following game. What do you think this guy's potential?

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I think he will be a good

I think he will be a good player in the NBA with good potential
And i think he should be in the dunk contest next year !

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he gone be aight

i think he will end up being a pretty nice player. i mean he;s wild and out of control at times when he plays but he's a rookiie he will learn. i can see him being maybe a good backup pg and maybe even a starting pG one day.

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I watched him play in Ames when he played for Iowa State. Hes a streaky shooter and can almost score at will. Only thing with him is he's pretty wild and can have a lot of turnovers. Overall though hes a good ball player.

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