mike carter-williams

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mike carter-williams

How do you see this guys career going? (this year) (next year if he stays) (in the nba)

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I think he is a top talent in

I think he is a top talent in the class and will end up playing SG in the NBA. But who knows, if Austin Rivers was looked at as a PG there is no reason to believe the potential isn't there for MCW... He has (to me) supreme fluidity in his handles standing at 6'6 and very good all-around game.

He is a son of two coaches, both Mom and Dad, which is always a big + imo.

Not so much, but I think his stock could rise similar to former teammate Dion Waiters.

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He needs to get stronger,

He needs to get stronger, tighten up his handles and improve his decision making if he wants to fashion himself as a combo guard. I'm not as high as him as others, but I'd like to see more before I project him out.

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