Michigan VS Ohio State Game Thread

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Oh, so now the 3's were

Oh, so now the 3's were desperation 3's? Trey must be really lucky with those desperation 3's, all 4 of them this game.

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aaron craft didnt shut down

aaron craft didnt shut down burke... he played great defense on him... i mean phenomenal.. but burke came up big when it counted.... they shouldve ran more pick and roll for burke with mcgary....trey burke didnt force many shots... i mean what do u guys expect? craft is an amazing defender... and michigan needs burke to score.... give credit to burke for making 50 percent of his shots and 4 out of his 7 threes... and then coming up with that huge block on craft at the end.... honestly, craft got the better of him for most of the game... but burke got the last laugh including that block.... the intensity of those two were so evident.. it was f*cking awesome to watch

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