Michael Snaer & Kenny Boynton

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Michael Snaer & Kenny Boynton

What do you think about these two guys?
I think Snaer can land in the second round ( around 10-20 ), but for Boynton si difficult

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Never liked Snaer

Didnt really understand the hype around the guy and still don't. People love to say he's clutch and yea he did hit shots but so did Tim Pickett when he went to FSU. He's a spotty shooter and I don't think he is a goo enough ball handler to play in the league. He is pretty athletic but undersized for the 2 guard. If he does end up getting drafted and playing well in the L good for him but I just don't see it. And as for boynton I think he's better suited for overseas ball. He takes a lot if shots and I just don't see much of a pro future for him

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