Michael carter Williams and olynyk

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Michael carter Williams and olynyk

Saw both cuse/lville and zags/butler games in full. I was not impressed at all by mcw, he had 7 assists but 9 turnovers. Most of his assists came by passing into the middle and the scorer making a tough shot in the paint. He made a few shots and a layup but triche carried the team on both ends. He couldn't really get past smith or siva, granted they are elite defenders. I'm watching him play and I see his potential, it's vast but he is careless with the ball and can't really create his own shot over a good defender. He could be so good if he stays another year or two but he won't which is a shame.
Speaking of someone who needs to stay another year is Kelly Olynyk. He struggled when trying to score with contact. He is very weak and needs to gain mass to play in the nba. If he thought playing against Andrew smith was tough, imagine playing against cousins,Howard, chandler, ibaka, etc. I know he's gained alot of hype because of his play the past month but he is not ready for the jump yet. He has the skills to play but needs to bulk up more.

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