Miami Heat starting line up

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Miami Heat starting line up

I know it was the olympics, but do you think lebron james could start at the 4? and have bosh run the 5?
let me know what ya think

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possibly but that would be a

possibly but that would be a very small lineup. I expect the heat to sign other players for the minimum to complete their roster, possibly a Center or a PG. I have heard that the heat have been talking to Derek Fisher, and that Ilgauskas might follow his teammate Lebron. There you go, PG and C. Maybe not the best people to go after but they would work.

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I keep saying this RAJA BELL. this team is great offensiveley but they need someone who can play good defense. he can either start with Wade at the point or come off the bench but he would be one of those guys you would need in the 4th quarter like James Posey with the Celtics. Bell is also a great 3 point shooter which is what they need

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