Miami Heat

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Miami Heat

What should the Heat to this offseason? I thought they should trade for either Yao or Deron Williams (I know it probably won't happen)......your thoughts?

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That's a stretch.

There is no way they will get either Deron or Yao.
Things the Heat should do:

1. Let Jermaine O'Neal go. He brings nothing to the table.
2. Sign a high energy big man... Anderson Varejao.
3. Trade Haslem for a backup point guard. Maybe someone like Rafer Alston from the Heat (Since Nelson will be back next season.) Other option sign Andre Miller. Good Veteran.

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Michael Beasley

The future of the Miami Heat is Michael Beasley! Beasley has been sick since he first showed off his talent to the world in the Nike Hoops Summit.

The 2009 Nike Hoops Summit is on April 11, 2009 at 7 pm! The new team USA will be playing against the world! Can't wait to watch that game

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