Meyers Leonard Video

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Meyers Leonard Video

Nice video of Meyers and his brother. Manly tears have been shed

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I just saw this on

I just saw this on is strange that this is only circulating now when it was from almost a year ago. It is pretty awesome to see though.

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Because a year ago everyone

Because a year ago everyone thought he would be a bust.

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This is really too

This is really too namby-pamby. And "now that he's fighting for our country in Afghanistan"? For whom/what part of the country, exactly? There's such an awe for the flag and the uniform in the US, it's amazing.

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God you guys are some

God you guys are some negative Nancy's

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thats really not the point of

thats really not the point of the video man. if your dad went to war, and you didnt know what was going to happen to him, or see him that much i feel like youd have the same reaction. (that is of course you were close to your father) and i say father because his brother played that role in meyers life.

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