Memphis should've kept Mayo?

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Memphis should've kept Mayo?

Very lazy thread but what are guys thought on the possibility of Memphis keeping Mayo knowing they were going to get rid of Gay.

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Hindsight maybe, but Bayless

Hindsight maybe, but Bayless has been playing pretty well as of late in that role.

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Bayless played well tonight

Bayless played well tonight but he took an awful shot at the end of the game. He had a wide open lane to the basket but instead airballed a 3. Mayo would have never truly flourished in Memphis but he would have been an upgrade over Bayless. It doesn't really mean they definitely should have kept him but if they could have kept him for a reasonable price, which they most likely could have since he only signed a 1+1 year deal with Dallas, it might have been a good idea. It could have been especially helpful considering they traded Gay who was their best shot creator on the perimeter.

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They couldn't afford to keep

They couldn't afford to keep Rudy Gay I doubt they want to pay a 6th man a lot money

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Think about this for a

Think about this for a second:

2006: Drafted Rudy Gay, turns into a 20 and 5 guy, and then trade him for cap relief, nothing else.

2008- Traded the franchise player in Paul for late first round draft picks, Kawamay Brown, and the rights to a random second rounder from Spain. And then the Grizzlies draft OJ Mayo over Kevin Love, and now have nothing to show for that pick

2009- Picked Hasheem Thabeet over James Harden, Steph Curry, Brandon Jennings, Rubio, Lawson, and the list goes on and on. They traded Thabeet for Shane Battier got crucial minutes in the 2011 playoffs out of him but he left that summer, so they have NOTHING to show for the 2nd overall pick. They also traded for the enigmatic Zach Randolph, who at the time was viewed as a black hole, locker room cancer, and a bad contract.

2010- Signed Tony Allen which was considered to be a risk and a potential bad signing at the time. They also signed Mike Conley to a highly ridiculed 40 million dollar deal, which now seems like a good discount, but at the time was viewed as a small market team desperate to keep its high draft picks.

2011- Traded Greivas Vasquez for Pondexter, a trade which was viewed as a head scratcher at the time and looked like a terrible deal as little as a month ago.

So in essence, they have nothing to show for a 20 ppg scorer in Rudy Gay, the 3rd pick in the 2008 draft, the 2nd pick of the 2009 draft, and made the Gasol trade which at the time was regarded as the worst trade in the history of trades. And they now they're in the Conference Finals playing amazing basketball? It's crazy.

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I was literally just thinking

I was literally just thinking the other day about how for every "bad move" Memphis has made, they've somehow found a way to cover it up.

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I like Bayless in that 6th

I like Bayless in that 6th man role. Mayo never really wanted to be a sixth man.

If Prince can give us some more scoring the rest of the series we won't miss Rudy Gay as

We probably need to add some more wing scorers in the draft.

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