memphis serioulsy considering iverson

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memphis serioulsy considering iverson

Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley wants to meet with Allen Iverson and is seriously considering a one-year, $5 million offer, according to team insiders.

The Memphis front office is split on whether or not signing Iverson would be a wise move. The final decision will rest with Heisley.

The Grizzlies would make clear to Iverson that he would be sent home or banished for any perceived act of insubordination.

dumb move imo. randolph plus iverson = problem.

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At least there would be

At least there would be something to talk about in Memphis during the season.

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memphis needs to sell tickets. I have no idea if he would hinder the growth of guys like mayo and conley though.

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Well he always makes a

Well he always makes a playoff team worse, but this team isn't a playoff team, so I think it will end up alright in the end.

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Bad idea????

Its never a bad idea to get a future HOFer for 5 million. My Prediction this year Iverson won't get back to his heyy days but he will turn a few heads in the process of trying. A.I personality isn't that bad i mean if memphis comes with open arms he will be fine just look at him at denver

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Interesting and now Mayo

Interesting and now Mayo could possibly play point guard but would conley get upset. Interesting.

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he should go back to philly

he should go back to philly for and take andre millers spot or chicago and let salmons backup him and deng

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Iverson really

would be stupid move i doubt fans really want to see Iverson that badly, this team is going no where full of guys that can score and very soft on D. Wouldn't surprise me if you trade for Randolph's contract anything is possible. How many scorers you need Conley, Mayo, Gay, Randolph now AI.

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U said Mayo would play point......AI would.

Conly 6th man

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tha king 2121

mayo has stated before that he'd like to play the point.

blazerfan7....i know you have a team that you can stick behind and scream there's talent all over...but don't come in here with a trash distasteful comment like that.

I personally would not like this move, i want conely to mature finally.

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