Memphis future

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Memphis future

We will see how smart was to trade Rudy Gay for Ed Davis and Tayshaun Prince, but now they have much better situation with their payroll. For the next season they already have 9 players under contract who will earn about 60 milion $.

Should they resign Tony Allen or try to sign some better and younger player at SG?

This summer there will be some interesting free agents at SG like Tyreke Evans, OJ Mayo (player option for the next season, suppose he will test free agency), Gerald Anderson, Kevin Martin, JR Smith (also player option), JJ Redick, Nick Young, even Manu Ginobili

I think they should try to sign OJ Mayo, Tyreke Evans or Gerald Henderson

Would Kings and Bobcats resign Evans and Henderson and what is the fair price for them?
Would OJ Mayo return to Memphis and what is the fair price for him?
Which player would be the best fit for Memphis?

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OJ Mayo would surely be in $7

OJ Mayo would surely be in $7 to 10 million per year range and I doubt he'd look to return so soon. Manu will surely remain with the Spurs. Evans would be more expensive than Mayo, Henderson could be a wildcard perhaps.

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