Memphis blues

What is the story with Memphis this season? What happened to the team that played OKC so tough in the playoffs?

I know I'm going to take heat for this one, but it looks like Rudy Gay is the problem. Granted Conley and Arthur got hurt... but look at Gay's stats this year. He has shot more than anyone else on the team and is shooting a woeful 35% from the field and 17% from 3. Randolph's production is way down, as he is not getting the number of touches or the ball where he was last year (after Gay got injured). This is 3 years in a row that the Grizz have started the season looking terrible. The last 2 seasons, Gay got injured and the team went on a tear late...including an exciting playoff run last year.

I'm a fan of Rudy to a certain extent, but he has to be a drag to play with. The guy is a blackhole. He fires ridiculous shots from wherever he feels like. If he could settle with being an athletic wing that plays his role, he would be great, but he wants to be the man and forces shots almost as bad as Beasley. Rudy also is looking like a lost puppy trying to play D.

Its just funny that most everyone thought it was ridiculous to say that Memphis would be worse with the return of Gay, but that seems to be the case... Its early, though, so hopefully things turn around for them.

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Vazquez, battier, arthur, conley, z-bo, that's simply another team, another energy, another bench.

Gay's ugly so far but what about tony allen 4,5 pts 33% FG.

Sam young was out of the rotation, maybe henry will play a game in 2013, maybe OJ will be traded befor he's 30.

And it's always comfortable being the underdog.

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