Melo trade

So the newest talk about Melo being traded is with New Jersey. Denver would send Melo, Billups, Balkman, Melvin Ely, and Shelden Willaims for Harris, Murphy, Favors, Ben Uzoh, 4 first round draft picks. As a nets fan i am not really a fan of this deal. Sure Melo would be great for the franchise but I rather see the Nets develop with young talent. Another reason i do not like this deal is because Billups has said that if he is traded to the Nets that he would ask for a buy out. Then the Nets either have a unhappy player or have to hand the pg position over to Farmar. I think Farmar is a good player but im not sure about having him start at this point. I would like this deal a lot better if Billups says he would stay with the Nets or the Nets get another team in on the deal to get something out of Billups and if the Nets only gave up 2 picks. What does everyone think about the deal though?

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