Mean Green Scoring Machine- Shooting Form

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Mean Green Scoring Machine- Shooting Form

Based on my observation, Danny catches the ball tiptoed, releases it and almost automatic in these finals. Im wondering aren't shooters taught to square up, "feet squared and set" and follow through. Its rare for a spot up shooter to do what he does but its quite effective .

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The shooting form is

The shooting form is important but its not the be all and end all of being a great shooter. Look at Reggie Miller or even guys like Michael Redd and Kevin Martin, all good shooters but definitely some unorthodox ways of getting it done

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Its repition, getting a

Its repition, getting a consistent arc and backspin on the ball. It sound stupidly simple but thats all there is to it.

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I've always believed it's

I've always believed it's more about knowing your strength, having the proper arc/backspin, and the ball being aimed correctly as the important things to your form. I imagine the "perfect shooting form" wouldn't be automatic if it lacked any of these things. I'm not sure who invented that form and decided it was the perfect form, I want to see the physics behind what would make the perfect shot to be honest.

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Some players don't even like

Some players don't even like standing still when they are in a catch and shoot situation.
For example, Durant sometimes stays one step behind the three point to have space to step in to his shots, for rhythm.
Mario Chalmers sometimes moves his feet as if he was walking in stationary position.

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