McLemore injury

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McLemore injury

Late in the game against Baylor tonite, McLemore twisted his ankle on a jump-stop. It's an inversion sprain, and he seemed to be in quite a bit of pain after twisting it.

How seriously do you think his absence could effect Kansas? Obviously he's a major piece for them, but Self is a great coach and they run a great system.

Secondly, do you think the injury could end up having an impact on his draft status? Clearly a minor sprain with little time missed wouldn't do much, but missing a substantial amount of time would be serious.

Kansas' next games are at Texas on Saturday and at Kansas State the following Tuesday.

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"My sources" are saying that

"My sources" are saying that he is day to day

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Coach Self believes he will

Coach Self believes he will be fine in a few days after getting some rest. I could see him possibly sitting out the game against Texas at max. And if he did it'd just force guys like Andrew White & Naadir Tharpe to step up.

And I don't see it having a huge impact on his draft status unless he gets hurt again.

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CJ Moore @cjmoore4 Self says

CJ Moore @cjmoore4

Self says on radio interview McLemore has a sprained ankle. Should be OK. McLemore says he heard a pop.

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I like your specificity with

Depending on the grade of sprain I think he'll be out a week or two which could be up to four games but no longer than that, just putting a little more pressure Withey to score the ball more.

BTW I like your specificity with the inverson ankle sprain but eversion ankle sprains never EVER happen in basketball. Only case I can think of was when Monta Ellis had one and since it was an eversion sprain they knew he didn't do it playing ball. It was when he did it on a mo-ped and got suspended for lying.

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Self said it was a grade-1

Self said it was a grade-1 sprain and, if they were to practice tomorrow, he would hold him out. He sys that Ben is day-to-day and is hopeful to play Saturday against Texas.

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