Mavs offseason

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Mavs offseason

Mavs fan here and I was wondering what the mavs should do this offseason,they have a lot of cap space and lottery . We have so much options and so many holes ready to get filled. Obviously getting Dwight or CP3 would be awesome but probably won't happen, and I also would like to see the mavs try to trade up for Shabazz and develop behind Marion for a year then fill in at the Sf spot.But let me here your options for free agency and drafting

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Maybe not both of them

I think it would be great to bring in CP3 and Dwight but thats not going to happen. Maybe CP3 and Andre Igodala/Josh Smith Or A Dwight and Josh Smith type of deal

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I think both guys SHOULD

I think both guys SHOULD think about it. I don't see CP3 or Dwight Howard winning rings as the best guy on a team. I think a Big Three of Dirk, CP3, and Dwight would have a shot. Other than that, unless the Lakers figure out a way to get Chris Paul, I don't really see Dwight Howard getting a ring.

That Big Three with Shawn Marion and Jae Crowder as the glue guys sounds like a contender to me. They can then fill in the blanks at the 2 guard spot and also off the bench. If they can resign Elton Brand cheap that would be good. Or, Carl Landry for some inside scoring. Then they still have Jared Cunningham and Bernard James who I can see as being helpful pieces in the rotation.

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Just don't see it happening.

Just don't see it happening. Dallas does not have the cap room, and the union will have a talk with Dirk about considering restructuring his deal. Even if, they still wont have enough money to sign both.

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keep mayo

imo they should keep mayo he played very well this year and go after cp3 hard in fa he and mayo would make a fantastic back court dirk is still gonna be a solid offensive guy and having cp3 will help alot another top fa priority is getting a c theyll have too overpay but they gotta get somethin in the middle

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I doubt they will be able to

I doubt they will be able to pull a Dwight or CP, but if they get Josh Smith to come in for a little less than the max, Maybe sign a Jarret Jack/Jose Calderon at the one, Bring back Mayo but don't over pay, and maybe a Sam Dalembert i think that would be reasonable offseason for the Mavs. But that would take a lot of nifty salary work by Donnie Nelson to make that fit. All moves that add a little extra shelf life to Dirks run.

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As a mav fan, I feel like

As a mav fan, I feel like getting Dwight or CP3 would just make as a first round/second round playoff team every year, because we just dont have the pieces to fit around them. I'd rather save our cap space, try and bring back OJ, pick up the BPA in the draft, have another mediocre season, and hope we get lucky in the lottery next season and can get one of the many great one and done's that are being projected for next years draft, like Wiggins, Parker, Randle, the Harrison twins, James Young, Wayne Selden, among many others.

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