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I don't understand why they have 3 point guards in Calderon, Harris and larkin. Cuban is struggling right now

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Did he consult with Kahn

Did he consult with Kahn before making these moves?

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Nope because if he did he

Nope because if he did he would have drafted another point guard. I dont know if people realize it but Kahn keep signing point guards after that draft. He signed ramon sessions, luke ridnour, jj berea in consecutive years, which resulted in them having to start ridour at the shooting guard last year.

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I think they play Harris

I think they play Harris mostly at the 2 like he did last year with the Hawks.

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That makes sense but Lou

That makes sense but Lou Williams tearing his ACL opened up a lot of minutes at the 2 in Atlanta. Dallas is the average looking girl that nobody wants to take to prom at this point.

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Don't forget

Mekel from overseas. That 4 point guards! They need to get a shooting scorer guard. Monta Ellis make sense and I see Bynum coming over to play 50 games for 10 mil a year.

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i support my mavs until the

i support my mavs until the end, but these moves are unsettling. ricky ledo is going to see more significant minutes than any 2nd round pick. hopefully they sign khalif wyatt, but i dont know what else to say. larkin seems promising.Still, harris, calderon and that other pg. i guess those guys are going to be ready to run but with who else i dont know. i guess with these veteran point guards along with marion, vince, hopefully resign kaman, and a fully healthy dirk to start the season the mavs are thinking put together a team of proven veterans to make a run. Still its hard for me to see them in the playoffs. the only team i see us maybe catching is the nuggets whose gallinari will miss a significant portion of the beginning of the season combined with the loss of iggy and koufos. To me thats still a stretch, and only hope a true mavs fan can dream of.

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