Mavericks draft picks

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Mavericks draft picks

I remember reading a lot of negative grades for the mavs draft this year but they have to be very happy with their draft picks so far in the season.

Crowder is averaging about 8 pts a game and he has been a key cog in the rotation. They also drafted Bernard James, a 27 year old rookie from florida state. Ive seen 3 mavs games this year and he has looked really good to me. He is really active on D, moves his feet well and can block some shots. On offense he is mobil and has pretty solid hands. Plus his lefty hook seems to surprise alot of people despite him being left handed.

Overall the mavs have to be happy with their early returns from the draft. Goes to show you that these draft grades really have no bearing until these guys get out there and play.

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The mavs got bad grade

The mavs got bad grade because try passed on guys with a lot of potential like Quincy miller and Doron lamb, for guys that can contribute now. So far it's paying off as James and crowder look like good future rotation players, while guys like lamb and miller haven't shown enough yet

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Has Jared Cunningham played

Has Jared Cunningham played any minutes?

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I'm telling you right now

I'm telling you right now Bernard James will start in a couple years,this guy can straight rebound like anyone in the league...

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Jared played some minutes ,he

Jared played some minutes ,he scored 2 3's against Charlotte (the game we won) If I remember correctly ,he is the youngest and most raw of the 3 ,probably will send him to the Legends soon
As for the older ones ,Crowder is really good,the fact that he can shoot made a lot of difference for him
James is also better than I expected,can defend and rebound ,even can score a little,good 3rd option in C position
overall it was a good night for us,may be it gets better if Cunningham turns out to be good

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Dallas did great in the draft

Dallas did great in the draft since every one they got should be in the league for a while. I can see them taking hit because of who they passed but as a GM you have to get the players that fit your team. There will always be another draft next year.

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Dallas took the guys they did and passed on higher potential players because Dirk doesn't have much more time as a franchise championship piece so it's win the in the next couple of years or start rebuilding. They chose to try and win now so they drafted rotation ready guys.

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