Maurice "Moe" Harkless

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Maurice "Moe" Harkless

A few weeks ago, I made a post about Danilo Gallinari and how he should get more publicity and he's performing around the same rate as Paul George, at the end of the post I mentioned the top small forwards and the young small forwards coming up and I said I'd like to add Moe Harkless to the list because I think he has the tools.

Well I think he's starting to show his tools. In the 3 games since the All-Star break he's averaging 18 points, 7.6 rebounds, 1 block and 1 steal, while shooting like 47%, We all know he's a good athlete and a good defender, great at attacking the basket, his main problem was his ball handling and jump shooting. His jump shooting looks better but it's still a weakness, but he's a great slasher and his ball handling is better from the wings. Before the draft I said he reminded me of Rudy Gay and Paul George, the way he plays the game, being a bouncy athlete, and his length and height. I think that game is coming into fruition especially since Hedo is suspended and the Magic are going younger to tank. I think they truly have a Center and Small forward they can build with. If they add a Marcus Smart or Nerlens Noel, it could be a great young team.

This also got me to thinking about Harkless and MKG, both born in 1993, 4 months separate them. They both pretty much have the same games, the same strengths and weaknesses. Great size, great athletes, can pass, great defenders, tenacious, hard workers, but their offensive games need work. It's crazy because MKG was compared to Gerald Wallace and Andre Igoudala, and Harkless was compared to James Posey. As I thought before the draft, I think Harkless should have been selected higher.

In February he's averaging 11.4 points, 7.1 rebounds, 1.2 assists, 1 block, and 1.5 steals. Doing this is 35.3 minutes a game. His field goal percentage can improve, and his shooting percentages(free throw/three point) need to improve drastically but this is definitely a good start,.. I'm loving the future of the small forward position and that's not even including, Otto Porter, Shabazz Muhammed and then Jabari Parker, and Andrew Wiggins.

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As a Magic fan I have been

As a Magic fan I have been thrilled with the way he has been playing, & his shot has actually looked much better. You can tell his confidence is rising & his game is picking up due to that.

Off to another nice start tonight.

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Magic now need that go to

Magic now need that go to scorer or premier point guard. Love the pieces on this team

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Who would have thought after

Who would have thought after that D-12 Bynum trade went down that by the end of feb alot of people would being saying outside of Denver getting Iggy, The Magic got the best end of the Trade with Moe & Vuc from the sixers.

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good thought. People always

good thought. People always say they said stuff, but dont have proof at least you do.

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haha, I agreed with ya! Yep,

haha, I agreed with ya!

Yep, huge Harkless fan, I was pretty happy we picked him up in the trade. Really glad we have him and Vucevic and I really like Nicholson too. Hopefully we can get a top guard in the draft (really hoping for Bazz but McLemore would be great too) and maybe go after a top FA in 2014.

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I'm a big Mo Harkless and

I'm a big Mo Harkless and absolutely loved the pick when the Sixers drafted him. I was stunned because they said they were going to draft for potential and really did, because Mo Harkless had the talent to go as high as 7 to the Warriors in my eyes he was the perfect fit for that system and team and I think he's got just as much if not more potential then Harrison Barnes.

What I really like about Harkless is the motor he plays with and how athletic he is. He dominated the Big East as a freshman which never happens and speaks volumes about his ability to ball. Another thing I love about Harkless is his physical tools are off the charts, he's a legit 6'9' and isn't even done growing yet.

I knew Vooch was very good too, and for 2 consecutive years I thought the Sixers got absolute steals in the draft and it turns out they did, but they traded them....Being a Sixers fan sometimes.

If you redo the draft last year I'd find it hard not to think Vucevic doesn't sneak into the top 5.

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