Marshon Brooks

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Marshon Brooks

no one agrees but i still think that Marshon Brooks can be one of the best scorers in the nba and would of showed everybody this year had he gone to atlanta in the JJ deal.

For those who watched him play last year saw his abilty to score was very impressive for a rookie. he does have flaws in his game especially on defense but offensively he can be a top scorer in the league.

What is a scouintg report on marshon brooks? now or when he was entering the draft.

What sites can you go on to see players scouting reports right now or when they were entering the draft.

He Dropped 52 points on Norte Dame who was ranked 9th in the country on 20-28 shooting.

You may never see a guard drop 50+points on a top 10 team while making 20 field goals again.

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noooooo marshon is lucky that

noooooo marshon is lucky that hes even in the NBA

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brooks will never be a top score he can be a reliable bench player providing sum scoring punch off the bench but not an elite level scorer

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This site profiles are pretty

This site profiles are pretty accruate on most of the players. Rookies scouting reports will be very similar to the strengths and weaknesses this site provides.

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