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MarShon Brooks

Im off the opinion that Brooklyn would be better off starting both Joe Johnson and Marshon Brooks. At this point, they have Keith Bogans starting probably because his defensive skills, which I'd say doesnt make him a better option than Brooks. I hate to reiterate this but I ultimately feel Marshon will be an elite scorer in the NBA. I've seen the Kobe comparisons, which to me arent too off point. If you base Marshon's model as the Kobe seen play the last 5 seasons; shooting mostly midrange jumpshots and getting to line. In 29mpg he average 12ppg 4rpg 2apg in 2011-2012, through 3 games in '12-'13 he's putting up 10ppg 2rpg 1apg in 19 minutes per game. Shooting 63% from the field and 100% from 3. Long story short he seems to have developed a better understanding of where his sweets spots are, evident in his better shooting %'s. He's needs more minutes and more touches than 6 shots he's been getting per game.

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