Marquis Teague Jeff Teagues brother

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Marquis Teague Jeff Teagues brother

I've watched a few clicks on this guy, he looks like he is going to be quite the prospect:
-around the same height as jeff
-already has a strong frame
-extremely athletic
-nice looking shot

check out his clips:

he is currently a top 10 recruit in the class of 2011

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Marquis Teague

I want to see him play against Austin Rivers, that will be a good match up.

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looks to be a good class.

looks to be a good class. good thing the clips will have a top 5 pick due to the wolves finishing with a bad record and owing the clips their pick

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yeah he supposedly is going

yeah he supposedly is going to be better than jeff from what i've heard.

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I have not

heard that much about him has he signed with a school yet?

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No he has not ^^^

But if you go to rivals you can see his list. I think he will be better than his bro. He will me exiting to watch that's for sure!!!

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